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  1. I think this is what @CaribeanSoul is referring to: In my case the change in reliability is not quite as drastic. Edit: I am also running a much milder 35 mods and getting this issue
  2. I'm in the exact same place. Turned the slider down to the easiest setting and 23 out of 24 of my launches have had total engine failure. Also I've noticed the loss of thrust doesn't actually change the thrust output of the engine.
  3. How many failures are normal early game? Because after 10 or so launches of one rocket and spending nearly an in-game year and 90% of my budget trying to reach orbit I'm still getting part failures on every single component every staging event. Which seems... excessive. I have not manipulated any of the BARIS settings all I did was begin a new career with BARIS enabled.
  4. Maybe I missed it, but were the SIV-B APS units changed from being RCS blocks and monoprop engines to just RCS blocks?
  5. I can't wait to see more of these things in action.
  6. Fantastic! What version of BDB do you have? I can't find the mission module for Apollo in my parts list.
  7. I was playing today, hauling up parts for my second space station in LKO (I had just deorbited the first one) and I notice my rockets were uncontrollable off the pad even with MechJeb autopilot. Flight Engineer is telling me that every stage has a torque rating of >0kN, which I know from past experience means that my CoM and CoT aren't lining up. Thinking it was the payload I try balancing out the weigh to no avail, finally I get frustrated and stick the stock Mk1-2 Command Pod on the top of the rocket in the payload section, I know it should be balanced but I'm still getting a torque of ab
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