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  1. Thanks. None of it was showing up, and I thought someone mentioned earlier that GPP didn't work with 1.7. Good to know this isn't the case. I am also going to check out JNSQ, as it looks intriguing.
  2. I am recently returned and a bit bad at the search function, so I hope you will indulge me, but what ever happened to GPP secondary? (I was looking for that and GEP to put on a fresh 1.7.3 install and can't find any of it listed in CKAN)
  3. I expect errors for the time being, there are many behind the scenes issues that this is likely creating. As long as they aren't game-breaking, they are pretty low on the list (high time investment to track down and fix, no real benefit other than making MM happy). I am unable to reproduce this. The parts in the 4 startings nodes are all able to be purchased from the start of the game, sometimes it can take multiple clicks, but they are buyable. This is likely caused by having conflicting tech trees installed. Make sure you don't have CTT or another tree installed in addition to this. the only experiments available at the beginning should be the temperature experiment and the sounding rockets experiments (if installed), will have to look into this as I do not have all the compatible mods installed. also, it may be caused by having conflicting tech trees installed. I'm going to leave that up to the individual mod makers, as eventually I am paring this down to only use the CTT nodes (over 200 is too many to keep track of and way to many to show in the display space available). Any customisations I do will be noted in the respective config files within the ETTR game data folder. Thx for the feedback, keep it coming.
  4. Finally got through your work. Did not anticipate that many files! Looks good though. Saves a significant amount of time. can delete the ETT folder that is in this, I thought I could deselect it when i composed a release, but there should be enough in here to push an alpha for people to start looking through and making feed back on.
  5. It's going slowly. Had some family stuff pop up over the holidays that precluded my ability to review Ryujin's work. I also plan to revise the scope given the current state of Probus' original ETT (and in turn, pare down this one). Depending on my workload the next few weeks, I should be able to make some more progress and possibly get an alpha out on Git.
  6. Yes and no. All the ETT nodes are present, but ETTR adds a few additional ones. The main reason why I can't automate it is because I don't want to have parts in the tech tree config file. Therefore, for each mod I have to write a sepearate config file to add parts to the tree. While this makes managing mod support easier down the road, it makes the initial set up more time consuming. Also, i have a few assignment issues that I need to work through (parts appearing in multiple nodes)
  7. Still in development. Coursework taking all my time up at the moment. Will get back to writing config files during the winter break.
  8. There is a conflict, but if I recall correctly it isn't related to strategia directly. Search the GPP thread for more info.
  9. Yes, the one that comes with sounding rockets. I seem to recall one of the RT configs gives that part the config instead of the probe core.
  10. Yes. I thought it was related to his using the yong tech tree plugin, but I am having the same issue so it is something else (I don't use yongtech).
  11. It is, SoundingRockets get 3 custom nodes and part distributions through a mm config file. I am having issues at the moment with a few of the parts not being redistributed properly (they show up twice) and so I haven't put any of the mod configs on the github.
  12. Change it to 3/5/7 The issue is with something in the game. Tool tip error is jusy thr tool tip not matching the admin building.
  13. Long standing issue. The tooltip in the space center will show 1 more than you can actually select. You can just change the file to get more strategies.