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  1. @Probus also, I would be interested in rolling ETTR back into the main branch of ETT, as I think this may be beneficial for both of us, and would eliminate the need for you to start over in getting ETT off of YongTechTree.
  2. Not at all, the current spiral layout for ETTR was done with excel, as well. Should be a copy of the workbook in the github for ETTR under the Tree Layout folder. Preview is below (most current screenshot I've taken). I'm still a very grid-oriented person, but the spacing is ultimately determined by what you set the spacing values to in the workbook (so if you wanted rows to be staggered like a row of bricks, for example, you could). I don't know why Logistics is way up there, paint fail on my part. Logistics is down near landers.
  3. I am using excel to create the tree layout with quite a bit of success.
  4. Updated the OP, Alpha 2 is up on the GitHub. See task list in OP for current needs.
  5. I'll try to clean up git this weekend and put another Alpha release up to make things simpler.
  6. Well, you can read the source code and plainly see there are no malicious files anywhere in this mod. Unless you are harping on the RedShellSDK, which isn't actually used. That folder is a C&P from the mod I got RDNodeAnchorFix from, so it has a bunch of files I don't actually use when compiling the .dll. i just keep forgetting to clean up my github.
  7. https://github.com/fwdixon/ETT/blob/master/GameData/ETTR/RDNodeAnchorFixer/RDNodeAnchorFixer.dll
  8. It's a harmony plugin by @Ryujin no Mai that implements the bottom attach point for the tech tree arrows, and will also add some other custom functionality for connecting tech tree nodes.
  9. Just an update for anyone following. just finished my (hopefully) last semester, so will have some time to work on this going forward, in between work and thesis. So please post feedback as you have it.
  10. The only .dll that is actually used is for harmony implementation, which shouldn't be affected by the updates.
  11. I haven't dropped it, but there is no reason it shouldn't work with 1.8.x.
  12. I figured as much. Wasn't sure since it used harmony and I'm not at all familiar with that.
  13. No, delete whichever config you don't want to use. One is the traditional tree layout, the other is the pinwheel layout. Once I have everything working w.r.t. icons and localisations, they will be split in to 2 different packages.
  14. Still here. Have a pretty hectic schedule that doesn't leave a lot of free time for playing, let alone modding. I will try to look at it this weekend.
  15. D'oh, forgot to put it on Git. Will do tonight. Will also take a look at the localization comments. What is there is pretty much a placeholder to make sure the .cfg file(s) work properly, but then I realised I am not great at writing node names/descriptions (as you pointed out, a lot of nodes are *Thing*->Advanced *Thing*->Exp. *Thing*->Exotic *Thing* ).
  16. Got the Chemical Engineering branch of the spiral layout completed. Figured I'd show a small preview (final icons and text to come later).
  17. That sounds interesting. I would like to take a look at it, at least.
  18. @Nertea question for you, if you can. the lineFrom and lineTo tags; I've figured out LEFT, RIGHT, and TOP all attach the lines to the nodes at those locations. BOTTOM seems to make no line appear. Do you know what value will attach a line to the bottom of a node?
  19. So for some reason that I have not cared enough to delve in to, 1.7 causes the "researched" node icons to display at 100% scale, even though the scale in the config file is set to 60%. Therefore, instead of figuring out why this is happening, I've decided to map the full space available in the tech tree window and dive in to creating the pinwheel layout the original ETT had. Fingers crossed.
  20. Nope, just me being a n00b. It works fine in 1.7.3, with all the aforementioned bugs/features and quirks. Also, playing around with spacing. For anyone interested, the farthest into the bottom right corner of the Tech Tree window a node can be placed and still be fully visible is at approximately position (-75, 75). The locations go positive up and right, which makes the entire tree exist in the 2nd Cartesian Quadrant for some reason....
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