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  1. Wanted to show off a ship using the very long fusion engine. This was part of my Duna mission. I think I may have posted a link to part of it previously, but I needed to send a refueler, so I built up a new engine module using the Mirror Cell Fusion Engine. It's bristling with thermal radiators to allow long burns (it creates a crapton of heat), but it's pretty efficient. Coupled with some hydrogen scoops, and I can go pretty far with this sucker. Anyway, here it is:
  2. AmpCat

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    I'm a bit confused with trying to work with this, and I'll start by stating I'm running the latest version of KSP, 1.5.1. But upon building a kit, I don't get an option to fuel it, it just pops out.. and while I can deploy it (inflate it), I can't then launch the part from it. Nothing comes up to release it. Any ideas?
  3. AmpCat

    [RELEASED] Beyond Home.

    Looks absolutely beautiful. Can't wait for a test release! I actually like it. It's unique and different, but not in an odd way, like some of these planets can get. This is a more subtle sort of unique. Especially if there's texture differences or ridge lines separating the colors, then it all seems like a plausible planet.
  4. Oops. Thought this was for all the NF mods. Sorry about that.
  5. Hm, I guess that does fit. I didn't think that it was the same problem, but now I read it, yep, that's the same problem. Weird thing is I noticed it specific happens when MechJeb cruises to altitude. I couldn't force it myself. But I couldn't quite follow some of the later conversations. I'll try with the update. Oh, the other reason I didn't think it was the same, is I don't adjust the charge rate. I set it at 1000 in the VAB, and leave it. Edit: After some testing, it indeed seems fixed! Though, I ended up not needing the fusion reactor anyway. @Nertea another potential bug/exploit: When using the JR-35B engines, having them powered up, and activated, but not producing thrust,;I'm getting power from the engine as it should, but it's not producing any heat from what I can tell. Is this intended? I figured I'd need to maintain radiators for this passive reactor feature.
  6. @NerteaI'm trying a new ship using the FX-3 Fusion Reactor, and I'm running into a weird problem with MechJeb. The ship is using some of @JadeOfMaar's aerospike engines (which use lots of electricity), and I decided to experiment with using a fusion power plant on a ship. The ship also has 3 JR-38B Tokamak engines, but those are deactivated when this occurs. Basically, when I turn the reactor on on the launch pad and take off with MechJeb's ascent guidance, and everything seems fine. However, when the ship gets enough velocity to meet the apoapse set, MechJeb cuts the engines and coasts to a circularization burn. However, for some reason, it just flat out kills the FX-3. It complains it's out of fuel. There's plenty of fuel on board. But it reads that fuel, thermal, power, everything is offline. It starts recharging the cap (with max charge rate), and once I hit start again, it gives me the out of fuel error. If I don't use the ascent guidance, it doesn't seem to happen, but I've not tried a lot of other maneuvers yet. Tried a simpler rocket, with just those electric aerospikes and the fusion engine. Once again, once MechJeb switches to coast phase of the launch, it just kills the engine. I've not figured out a way to get the engine to run again, without loading a save or resetting the launch.
  7. @NerteaI'm playing around building new ships, and one thing I noticed is that your fancy PPD truss storage modules of the 2.5m varieties seem awful heavy compared to other, similar cargo bays of that size. For example, the shorter one is not quite twice the size of the stock service bay, yet weighs 5 times more. The 1.25 PTD one is more on line with stock offerings.
  8. AmpCat

    Mk3 Expansion - [KSP 1.6] Version 1.4.7 [10/17/18]

    @SuicidalInsanityThanks for the updates for this. I do love the new ramps, especially the nose ramp. Have you considered some more functional parts, like perhaps a lower profile in-line cockpit, or new wings or something? Maybe a shorter crew section, etc? I love the work you're doing here!
  9. AmpCat

    [1.3 ~ 1.6] Thor Tech v0.9.6.6 ~ [Mar 23, 2019]

    I'll keep that in mind! I've forgotten most of the notes I had, other than the mk2 flat cockpit you have (I don't recall the part name, let me know if you need it) doesn't have a window lights on feature, and while your shield nose cone has this nice blue, your hybrid mk2 aerospike has a spot that looks like it should glow, but doesn't.
  10. AmpCat

    [1.3 ~ 1.6] Thor Tech v0.9.6.6 ~ [Mar 23, 2019]

    @JadeOfMaar, do you do much modeling for these, or just borrow existing models? I've noticed some issues, and have some comments on the models, but if you're not doing the models, it's probably not useful.
  11. AmpCat

    [1.3 ~ 1.6] Thor Tech v0.9.6.6 ~ [Mar 23, 2019]

    It's been like this for a long time. I think it's just the number of mods I have. If it's clean, it's not that bad. Maybe 30 seconds.
  12. AmpCat

    [1.3 ~ 1.6] Thor Tech v0.9.6.6 ~ [Mar 23, 2019]

    Oh, trust me, I feel it. I get those annoying popups a lot too. Is it normal for KSP to take around 10minutes to load? I have a nice, fast SSD and all that, and it's still painfully slow. I've thought about digging into mod making, and that seems impossible to deal with.
  13. AmpCat

    [1.3 ~ 1.6] Thor Tech v0.9.6.6 ~ [Mar 23, 2019]

    I noticed a lot of people dropping AVC support. What's the story behind that? Just the miniAVC thing?
  14. AmpCat

    [1.3 ~ 1.6] Thor Tech v0.9.6.6 ~ [Mar 23, 2019]

    Hm. I must be dreaming again. Thanks for the quick answer!