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  1. Nice idea here. The thrust stuff would break a few other addons, as already mentioned, but I like the R&D and engine cost changes a lot. Any thoughts about adding a toggle to enable/disable the thrust limitation on the mod for those who'd like to keep using it through MechJeb and whatnot? I'd love to try everything else. Could possibly add on/off toggles to all the feature sets to let people mix and match what they'd like to change.
  2. Looks like when installing the latest Restock mod, having this also installed causes the Science Experiment container geometry to vanish. The indicator lights are still there, floating in space. Removing either Restock or this mod causes it to to return. Having both installed causes it to bug out. IndicatorLights itself, is fine.
  3. I've noticed once I installed the latest (1.8.x compatible) version of restock, the science experiment unit vanishes. The part is still around, since I have the indicator lights mod, and the indicators are still floating there, but the geometry of the part is gone and I can't right click on it or anything of that sort. I've got several other mods installed, so I've not tried it on a clean install yet, but restock+ didn't change this behavior (having it installed or not), and I uninstalled several other suspects, such as tweakscale and science relay, again, with no change. If I remove Restock, the geometry returns. Just wanted to see if anyone else has observed this while I do some more experimenting to see if I can narrow it down to the simplest case. Edit: Looks like the culprit is IndicatorLights Community Extensions in particular that's somehow not playing nice with the latest Restock, causing the experiment container to vanish. It's not been updated for a bit, so something that changed with the latest Restock patch now doesn't work with something in the IndicatorLights patch.
  4. Agreed, but where do I find those references? Are there other DLLs for KSPe and whatnot? Which additional DLLs do I need?
  5. And then 'Run this tool' I imagine. Much better! Kinda. Now I'm missing KSPe , KSPAddon, TimedMessageBox.. and countless others :p Sorry, I'm sorta new at these newfangled tools. I'm used to an embedded IDE and standard C. Much simpler.
  6. @Lisias I tried to compile your project from earlier with the four stunts, and cloned the github repo. When trying to build the project in VS, I get several missing files: Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Suppression State Error CS2001 Source file 'C:\Users\Robert\OneDrive\Documents\GitHub\TweakScale\Source\Scale_TweakableEverything\..\Version.cs' could not be found. Scale_TweakableEverything C:\Users\Robert\OneDrive\Documents\GitHub\TweakScale\Source\Scale_TweakableEverything\CSC 1 Active Error CS2001 Source file 'C:\Users\Robert\OneDrive\Documents\GitHub\TweakScale\Source\Scale_Redist\..\Version.cs' could not be found. Scale_Redist C:\Users\Robert\OneDrive\Documents\GitHub\TweakScale\Source\Scale_Redist\CSC 1 Active Error CS2001 Source file 'C:\Users\Robert\OneDrive\Documents\GitHub\TweakScale\Source\Scale\..\Version.cs' could not be found. Scale C:\Users\Robert\OneDrive\Documents\GitHub\TweakScale\Source\Scale\CSC 1 Active Error CS2001 Source file 'C:\Users\Robert\OneDrive\Documents\GitHub\TweakScale\Source\Scale\..\Configuration.cs' could not be found. Scale C:\Users\Robert\OneDrive\Documents\GitHub\TweakScale\Source\Scale\CSC 1 Active Are these needed and just missing?
  7. Well, took a while, but finally got visual studio up and running, compiling a hello world (for both a part module and runtime mod), and I'm thoroughly confused as to what kept it from working the whole time. But it works now. I'll see if I can get TweakScale to compile on my comp now.
  8. Okay, I was able to randomly fiddle with things I've tried before, and got it working again; I switched the .NET target to 4.0, rather than 4.7.2, and now both parts of my hello world work. And, as one might expect, I no longer get the error it can't find that Module. I read here, and it says we should be able to use any 4.x .NET framework, though. So what's the real answer? Edit: Okay, now I'm real confused. I went back and tested other .NET frameworks to see which worked and which didn't, and now even 4.7.2 works. I'm very confused. I don't know what is messing up. Edit2: Annnnd, can someone help me figure out GitHub (again)? Just looking for a volunteer to help me figure out how to take my local files and make the github repo online match. I don't know why this is so hard.
  9. And now it's broken again. I went to change it to 'Start' instead of 'Update', and it didn't work, so I changed it back.. now it doesn't work either.
  10. I'll check in the main menu again. Oh, there it is now. Huh. I wonder which of the million changes fixed it. I thought it would only show up on the flight menu or something, so for a while I wasn't checking on the main menu. Course, doesn't explain why the part module doesn't work.
  11. Okay, I think it's fixed. I moved the .cs down a folder and updated it's path in the project. Seems to build fine for me.
  12. Yeah, once again I borked the repo. Trying to figure out how to wipe it and start over.