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  1. Hi, So I installed RSS RO and RVE, with the highest graphic texture, and right away in the VAB, when I build a rocket, and rearrange the stages, the stage clips or pieces freeze and bug out, weird, I did no modifications to the game, and installs were done regularly like the forums said to install the RO RSS RVE. I need help fixing, it. If needed in the comment I can give my KSP directory if you can fix something with it, just let me know, and then I'll give a Dropbox link to the KSP directory. Yes, it is modded too. And I paid for the game from Steam, it wasn't a game I go for free from a sit
  2. Hi Yanfret, just wondering, could you add this to CKAN? Would be cool! Anyways great mod!!! Love the detail and the IVA of the pods especially!!! Amazing, download Raster Prop Monitor and ASET, plus the new 1.2.2 Alcor pods, its great!!! Love it Yanfret, and look forward your future amazing mods to be released!
  3. Never mind I got it working sorry for the time waste:) I went to the tracking station and it did work, thanks:) And sorry
  4. Hi, I downloaded the mod installed RSS and then read the instrutions on space dock and I did it as it said so. I merged the mods game data folder with KSP root directory and I loaded KSP up and I didn't see the clouds on the start screen and on the KSC screen where all the buildings are:( I would like help on this and if you could fix it I would be happy:)
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