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  1. Just tried your plug-in for the first time. I LOVE the feature that allows you to copy a mod-list to the clipboard. That feature should be in any mod-manager and I've lamented its absence in other games (RimWorld et. al) It's not intuitively obvious how one dismisses the left hand window after use. Many users begrudge every square CM of screen area so that should be made more apparent.
  2. As I understand it... Fort Bliss (Texas) was "close" to the White Sands testing area and already had facilities for holding over 1300 POWs so it was a logical place to concentrate all the German Scientists. To quote from a wikipedia article " President Harry Truman did not formally order the execution of Operation Paperclip until August 1945. Truman's order expressly excluded anyone found "to have been a member of the pedant Party, and more than a nominal participant in its activities, or an active supporter of pedant militarism." However, those restrictions would have rendered ineligible most of the leading scientists whom the JIOA had identified for recruitment ..." By keeping them temporarily at Fort Bliss the OSS & Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) had a grace period in which to muddy the waters enough to get around some of the difficulties of getting security clearances for men who were so recently Nazis
  3. Not sure why but I was fascinated that the trucks were going backwards. (Course I'm not familiar with the commercial being parodied.)
  4. Unless you're in Japan... August 31, 1998 North Korea fires missile across Japan
  5. I'm a newcomer to Kerbal Space program so I'm half convinced that it's just something that I'm doing wrong and half convinced that my mods are causing a problem. First the problem - I can't find a destination target icon on my navball when flying rocket based missions (Launched from VAB) I've flown a number of "survey this location" style missions using airplanes. 1) I build the plane, 2) hit the launch button in the SPH to take me to the runway, 3) go to map mode and click on my target destination 4) I can then see a target icon on my navball. However when I launch a rocket from the VAB and follow the same procedure I can't find any target icon on my navball. I've even orbited a rocket so as to give me plenty of time to search the navball and I'm convinced that the target Icon is just not appearing. Any suggestions? I'm using the latest 64 Bit build with the following mods via CKAN AsteroidDay Chatterer CommunityNavballDockingIndicator CommunityResourcePack CommunityTechTree CommunityTerrainTexturePack FarloPlanetaryPack Graphotron HooliganLabsAirships ImageViewer ItsTheLittleThings Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator AstronikiSunflareforScatterer Historian-expanded IndicatorLights PlanetShine PlanetWiki PortraitStats SCANsat SimpleFemaleKerbals Snacks SVE-MediumResolution SVE-Terrain Toolbar ContractConfigurator AutomatedScreenshots RasterPropMonitor PlanetShine-Config-Default TextureReplacer RasterPropMonitor-Core AdditionalProgressionContracts Astro-Cosmonauts AviationLights CanadianFlags Ceteras-Suit-Pack ContractConfigurator-ContractPack-SCANsat ContractConfigurator-UnmannedContracts DistantObject Karbonite KerbalFlightData NavBallAdjustor StarTrekRebootUniformPack TCShipInfo SpacetuxSA DistantObject-default USITools USI-Core FirespitterCore I'm running the 64 bit version. I do know that I'm getting warnings from Toolbar and PlanetShine that they're not intended for use with the latest release yet but they seem to be working fine.
  6. That works great for me with low altitude missions. I build my plane launch, go to map view, click on the destination, and when I return from map view there's an icon on my navball. I tried that for a high altitude mission today and after building my racket and going to map view and clicking on the destination, I didn't get anything on my nav-ball. Is there something different about the way that I need to select destinations when piloting a rocket vs a plane?
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