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  1. Thanks! These Button combo worked in Radial and in Cursor sheme.
  2. On Xbox EE, Cursor Control Sheme Is it intended that you have no longer a distance highlight on a Vessel that you have set as Target? On the previous version you had a square highlight with distance to the Vessel that you have set as Target, even in the normal Vessel Focus view. It makes the last part of Rendezvous harder.
  3. Awesome... That is exactly the Bug that broke the old xbox version for me. When you too long in map warping or doing something, the return to ksp button not working, no save possible, sometimes even no more nodes or warping. Let us hope that this time the game get actually working patches.
  4. Which control sheme you are using? It sounds like you set your Vessel in "Precision Mode" the arrows of your Roll, Pitch and Yaw in the bottom left then are blue and not orange like normally. In Cursor control sheme the shortcut to switch on and off are L1+L3 ( LB+ left stick click ) --------------- Or you have locked the staging Then the green light on the bottom left ist Purple-ish. In Cursor sheme the shortcut is Hold LB+A Hope it helps.
  5. In cursor control sheme it is LB+LS ( L1+L3 ) These "Precision Mode" as described in the ingame Kerpedia, however the Vessel seems to not steer at all in this mode.
  6. Indeed, these days no game comes finished. Day one patches and fixes for about 4-6 months are usual. I am playing KSP since the FT version and can understand the fellow console players are dissapointed of the bugs and low communication from Squad about many questions. Also I have to agree that the QA is underwhelming and the ingame help about the new control shemes are laughable. Yes, give this game and the Devs the same time any other new game gets... even when it is hard because of the history of KSP on console. I know its tempting to get the Torches and Pitchforks out already Please Squad and Blitworks do your best to communicate with us. Back to Topic: Give us a sheet for all control shemes pls! I am using the cursor sheme on Xbox and it seems there is no way at all to change focus view back to your Vessel after focusing a celestial body via click. No cycle, no way back other than go back to ksc and tracking station...
  7. It seems very buggy, I got the Mun fly by archievment just because my maneuver node had an encounter.
  8. Maybe you are using a different control sheme. He is using the Cursor sheme, me too. R3 ( right stick click ) dont get you back to your craft. R3 only resets the Camera zoom and angle. Still cant cycle Focus View or get back to the craft as focus other then using the workaround with the tracking station. Any help how switch Focus back or cycle, with the Cursor control sheme?
  9. That sounds like you have set your Vessel in "Precision Mode". LB + L3 ( left stick click ) The Control Arrows on the bottom left screen are now blue, rather then Orange.
  10. On XBOX, Cursor control sheme, In R&D Building you cant view the additional Info of the not unlocked Parts. It say you should hold B button but that brings you just back
  11. Try to take control over the empty Vessel via space center tracking building. I you can even "fly" or terminate debris from decoupled rocket parts there. Dont know if it will work.
  12. My R&D Screen "Landing" is also filled with LY-10 All grey except the last is white. Same name but half info text and some stats are different.
  13. During pin module screens for res-tranfer: The game often freeze the pinned screens and let the user not show any another module screen then. The pinned module screen cant be closed. Workaround: Switching to another Vessel and back often let you show screens again. First Encountered when trying to refill the main tank attached to 3 support tanks via TT-38K Radial Decoupler, stage off, feed on.