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  1. Start a new Duna mission. https://imgur.com/a/YAEzS
  2. Thank you for your timely upgrade, this mod is really great
  3. I met the same problem with OME . I think other chinese players just didn't realise where the problem is. In fact before today I didn't even know that this mod had been already localized.
  4. Thanks to reply. It seems that some other pobs also has same problem. It's so glad to hear that the problem can be fixed
  5. I just find a problem that I can't store experiments and the pod doesn't have "crew report" to get science points. of course in sandbox mode this not a problem.
  6. Orion IVA is awesome. Feels much more better when use it. https://imgur.com/a/YQbyQ
  7. same problem, I think he did not finish the inside of the orion capsule module yet.
  8. what a wonderful trip, thank you to share with us! I hope someday I could be there and visit like you
  9. Can't wait to try this awesome mod. it looks sooo beautiful!