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  1. Thanks for the input Jamgill. Doing a 'run test' should have worked in one of the circumstances, but it didn't.
  2. Why are my contracts failing and can I do anything about it? This is how I play: I start a new game in career mode, choose a new flag and save the game as KSP which overwrites the previous game. I do not change the control presets. The controller preset is automatically set to 'cursor' but I have to use L3 to activate the cursor. When saving the game after a playing session, I again overwrite and save the game as KSP. I attempt to fulfill contracts. When successful and at the mission synopsis screen I activate the cursor (L3) and select the notification tab that lists contract completions and records, press the O button to deactivate the cursor in order to select the 'discard' option (otherwise it is unavailable) and clear the tab of notifications. I had no problems playing the game before the 1.05 update. I posted yesterday about booster contract fails. It turns out it was a coincidence that they were both booster contracts. I have had new contracts fail when conditions were met, the simplest being testing a heat shield landed at Kerbin. Can't do it at the launch site or after a flight and landing on Kerba-firma. Only the 'jettison' option is listed at both locations and the 'test' option is not available. The contracts fail randomly. I also today had my accepted contracts vanish from my contracts log. I accepted a new contract, built a craft specific for the contract, launched and at the launch pad all of my contracts were gone.
  3. Anyone on the PS4 having issues with booster contracts after the v1.05 update? I have had two different contracts fail to complete with conditions met. Today's fail was to test the RT-5 "flea" solid rocket booster (through staging) at the launch site. Yesterday's was the RT-10 "Hammer" (run test) at altitude between x and x and velocity between x and x.
  4. Monday, July eighteenth, nineteen hundred eighty two when Linda the HR girl loudly proclaimed to the entire office, "It's hot in here!" and in a clear act of defiance adjusted the thermostat to sixty-five degrees. What are the 1000 words that a picture is worth?
  5. An acute perversion outside of normal mental faculty is mandatory when dealing with questions posed or statements made concerning volume and the pressures needed to destabilize the structure thereof.
  6. Both of these issues are happening when I play as well. The disappearance of contracts happens frequently. If I immediately go back to mission control after the contract disappears in the VAB and re-select the contract(s) and return to the VAB the contract(s) stick. It's irritating. I have also had contracts repeat themselves immediately after they were completed and, if selected again, disappear from the list of accepted contracts. The R&D tech regression has happened only once so far. All this has happened while playing career and using the cursor setup. Not that using the cursor setup seems to matter to the game as it always reverts to radial. I'm really glad TakeTwo offered up the "enhanced" version of the game for free, but it's a bit like being given a '71 Chevy Vega that has been "enhanced" with stickers. It doesn't look different, really, and it still a smoky, clanky lemon.
  7. The power to ruin the family Christmas! Again!
  8. "I'm all alone. I'm rolling a big doughnut and this snake wearing a vest...."
  9. "Those are some of the things molecules do given four billion years of evolution." - Dr. Carl Sagan
  10. The Potman Always Rings Twice A transient tinker adopts an attention getting mannerism hoping to drum up business.
  11. I uhh. I tried to orbit Mun from a low Kerbin orbit. "I love 'ya ta'marra! You're only a day away!"
  12. These are my most memorable. Waxahachie/Reagor Springs, TX - Lightning storm ~1998 while driving US 287: At dusk dark clouds rolled in quickly. Dark like the devil is coming to get you dark. Dense rainfall relieved some motorists of their faculties causing them to stop their vehicles right in the middle of the got'anged highway. Lightning bolts flashed every few seconds. Transformers friggen exploded off the power line posts. Downed live wires arced and flailed across the highway. It was frightening and thrilling. Pichanaki, Peru - Thunderstorm 2004: I'd never heard anything like it before. A calm, moderately overcast day and then out of the blue came the loudest and most concussive report I'd ever heard or felt from a storm. I thought the military base across the field was being shelled. When the family I was with let me know it was just thunder I loved every minute of it. Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park - Thunderstorm 2008: What I found remarkable about this storm was not the storm itself (even though it was loud and impressive) but the actions of wildlife that let one know a storm was on it's way. Every animal near the river (reptiles, insects, mammals large and small) were all on the move and heading for higher ground at least an hour before the average person might say something like, "hey, it looks like it might rain." It was really interesting to observe.
  13. I watched it even though it was cast as "not released to the public". I want my secret badge that I will never show to any other, I swear.
  14. They may not be the greatest sci-fi films ever made but these are definitely some of my favorites. Them! (1954) - Giant radioactive mutant ants attack. - Must see. The Day of the Triffids (1962) - Mysterious atmospheric flashes of light blind large portions of the populace and then giant plants attack. The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) - A nervous soldier ruins humanity's fast path to scientific evolution by shooting a gift bearing extra-terrestrial. - Must see. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) - A heinous extra-terrestrial plot starts by replacing Terran citizens with doppelgangers grown from within pods. Planet of the Apes (1968) - Three star voyagers awake from hibernation after their ship crashes on a planet where the dominant species are damn dirty apes! Barbarella (1968) - A young star voyager disrobes from her space suit. I forget what happened after that but I remember really liking this film. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) - A mysterious scientist throws a freak-out of a party, constructs a hunky pleasure servant, seduces uninvited guests, serves a failed experiment to a dinner party and faces a mutiny from his staff. And, It's a friggen musical! Flash Gordon (1980) - Gordon confounds Ming's plans with some help. Soundtrack by Queen and Howard Blake. Explorers (1985) - Three kids become star voyagers by constructing a craft from junk and a state of the art computing device. Moon (2009) - An hour and one half of (mostly) two actors. Friggen brilliant.
  15. That choked me up a bit. What a fun way to celebrate the life and career of an artist. Deacon, Taylor and May should also have their names bestowed on asteroids in the same region because, you know, Queen Rocks!