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  1. I think something is wrong with the dV calculator. If you just put a poodle, X200-32, and RC-001S together, the dV calculator reports a dV of 11259 and a run time of 439.3 seconds. Both are almost exactly twice as large as they should be. If you just use a RC-001S, Nerv, and Mk1 LF fuesalge, MechJeb reports 3305 dv and a run time of 235.3 seconds. Both are about 90% of what they should be. This is with a bare 1.5.1 install with just MJ-dev (and MJ for all) installed.
  2. I find the length of the shroud on the 3.75m- 2.5m thrust plate to be too long. I was thinking of make a MM patch to clone the part and make a new "short" version, like there is for the 2.5m-1.25m thrust plate. Is there any reason this wouldn't work? Edit: I think I got it to work. This is the patch I used: //add a short version of the 3.5-2.5m thrust plate from SpaceY +PART[SYplate3m2mX1]:NEEDS[SpaceY-Lifters]:AFTER[SpaceY-Lifters] { @name = SYplate3m2mX1T @MODEL { @scale = 1.0, 0.5, 1.0 } @node_stack_bottom = 0.0, -0.1, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 2 @node_stack_bottom1 = 0.0, -2.5, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 3 @node_stack_top = 0.0, 0.1, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 3 @title = SpaceY A3-2 Interstage Adapter (Short) @description = (3.75m to 2.5m) Customize your engine clusters, in either an upper-stage (with fairing), or lower-stage configuration - Short. Suitable for Poodle, Mainsail, and Skipper. @mass = 0.25 }
  3. Would it be possible to add interstage nodes to the 5m fairing? (and the 7m fairing from Expanded?)
  4. Nicias

    System Rescaling Mod for 1.5

    I gave it a shot last night and it seemed to work fine actually. Thanks!
  5. I see that Sigma Dimensions has been discontinued. Is there another mod to play a 10x rescale of the stock system on 1.5?
  6. Sorta. You can combine two maneuvers if one of them can be made to happen "at a specific time". So circularization works for that. So, set up the plane inclination how you want. Then use the maneuver planner to create a new maneuver to circularize at a fixed time of t=0 seconds after the last node. Then you go to the maneuver editor, and it should have "merge with next node" button. Click that and it will combine the two nodes.
  7. Has anyone tried the latest version with 1.5.x?
  8. Yeah, right now I just kinda ignore it. If the contract says to add 15 seats, I add 15 seats. The only downside is that I don't get the nice contact completion on hab inflation. The cupola thing is more annoying.
  9. Yes, that is correct. Let's say that a station has a hitchhiker and a 8 person inflatable centrifuge (inflated). I might get a contract that requests that I expand the station to support 9 kerbals (and indicates that it currently only supports 4). If I just switch to the station, the check box for "supports 9 kerbals" is checked. I can double-check when I get home.
  10. I agree. I just wanted the stock contract system to count them as having the crew capacity for the purpose of calculating the current capacity of a station for station expansion contracts. I suppose this was because that system was seeing the "CrewCapacity" variable and not the "DeployedCrewCapacity" variable. So I suggested switching the paradigm. Presumably, the parts report their current capacity as CrewCapacity when retracted and DeployedCrewCapacity when deployed. The contract system only sees the CrewCapacity when making new contracts (It honors "Deployed CrewCapacity" when checking active contracts. It's actually neat watching the contract go green when you deploy the hab.) I was suggesting switching the behavior. So that the parts report their current capacity as "RetractedCrewCapacity = 0" when retracted and "CrewCapacity = 8" when deployed. Nertea said this was impossible for other reasons.
  11. Well, crap. That's too bad. I really like the centrifuges, but I also like station building contracts. What would happen if I added my own MM config to changes the CrewCapacity to be the same as the Deployed value?
  12. I don't understand how the inflatible/extendable parts are coded, but I see that they have in the cfg's, for example: CrewCapacity = 0 ... DeployedCrewCapacity = 8 Might it be possible to set them up to have: CrewCapacity = 8 ... RetractedCrewCapacity = 0 Of course, that would require recoding. It also might break other things and I have no idea how difficult it would be.
  13. Hi, Great Mod! I'm having trouble where the contact system doesn't seem to count the inflated and/or rotation hab sections when doing "expand station" contacts. So it's value of "current supports" number is too low. Likewise it doesn't recognize the large cupola as a cupola.
  14. Nicias

    why do you play this?

    I do basically this, but I also have a small module attached to the front of the docking port with a probe core, rcs tank, and rcs thrusters. A couple of meters out I uncouple this module and quickly thrust it out of the way.