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  1. You might want to post in the threads for the mods this continues. I didn't know this was available since I was expecting a post in the Atomic Age thread.
  2. I usually do exactly this except I use one LF engine all the way to orbit with combined SRB/droptanks.
  3. Thanks for your post. I know that is possible, I want to avoid some of the drudgery. Like AutomatedScienceSampler does for science.
  4. Could someone put together a mod that provided a "reset parachutes" button if there is an engineer aboard the active craft that could reset the parachutes? For a mod it seems straightforward, but it is beyond my coding abilities.
  5. I've seen that from time to time on 1.2.2. In all cases, clicking on "set orbit" or whatever again solves the problem.
  6. That's because of life. Only petrochemical mining is energy profitable.
  7. Where can I find the low/high science cutoffs for the new bodies in OPM? They're not on the wiki. I looked around the files. Is the relavant value: Body { Properties { ScienceValues { spaceAltitudeThreshold = 20000 } } } for Ovok for example?
  8. The Kerbal Space Program folder should be located at: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/ Copy the folder "Kerbal Space Program" that is at that location anywhere you want. In that folder is the application "KSP" that is what you run to play.
  9. The game uses a reference frame tied to the rotation of the planet for low orbits. So if you are in a Low kerbin orbit, with a period of about 20 minutes, then in the time it takes you to do one orbit (20 minutes) Kerbin has rotated 360*(20/6*60)=20 degrees. The solution is as given, align the axis of your solar panels N-S, or move to a higher orbit.
  10. I love that mod. It totally added like 25% to my enjoyment of the game! Thanks for making it!
  11. The RA-15 is way too big. I think I'll use the multiple 16S's I didn't know it would take turns. I suppose you have to transmit from the science dialog not from the antennas then. Six of them work out to one 88-88 in aggregate. (speed not range of course). I have a JX-2 in orbit of the target, so range is not an issue
  12. Thanks for all of your replies. I can't seem to get an 88-88 or HG-55 to be able to transmit while shielded. I was already planning on having a relay in orbit. This is just for the link up to that. I would like to be able to transmit faster than an 16S while not getting torn up by aero forces. Is that impossible?
  13. I'm building a probe to get data from the Atmospheres of gas giants like Jool, (and the others in OPM) They will have limited time to send data back. A communitron 16(s) sends data back at 3.33 mits/s. An 88-88 or HG-55 send it back 7 times faster. However, they get destroyed by aero forces. Is it possible to use them on a falling probe somehow? Inside a service bay or something?
  14. Sorry for your loss. It seems that CKAN doesn't know about the update. It still says MFT is only compatible with 1.2.2
  15. I would like the the Small Hardpoint and Structural Pylon to behave as separators not decouplers. If I look at the cfgs of the TR-18A/D I see that the decoupler has this: MODULE { name = ModuleDecouple ejectionForce = 250 explosiveNodeID = top } while the separator has this: MODULE { name = ModuleDecouple isOmniDecoupler = true ejectionForce = 250 } So would this patch change the Small Hardpoint & Structural Pylons to be separators?: @PART[structuralPylon|smallHardpoint] { @MODULE[ModuleDecouple] { -explosiveNodeID %isOmniDecoupler = true } }
  16. You can also use the re-root tool on the transparent non-attached sub assembly.
  17. Thanks! Now I'm just waiting on Modular Fuel Tanks.
  18. I use hyperedit mostly for this task. I make sure my refueling rig works, then I just fly the ship to the gate orbit, refuel with hyperedit, and leave.
  19. Not sure if this is the best place for this. I've been using OPM on my most recent play-through and I just started going to places besides the original planets. I use this for gate orbits for refueling my interplanetary craft. I couldn't find a comparable one for OPM, so I coded one up. I don't worry about inclination or eccentricity. This is what I get: To Moho Eve Kerbin Duna Dres Jool Sarnus Urlum Neidon Plock From Moho 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Eve 4,655 30,608 4,674 1,229 636 359 222 176 159 Kerbin 700 12,908 8,701 1,052 371 100 0 0 0 Duna 0 0 580 147 0 0 0 0 0 Dres 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Jool 82,501 134,265 191,969 368,355 6,355,620 6,237,360 639,210 399,680 338,227 Sarnus 29,455 41,446 52,437 77,557 205,757 926,269 966,009 349,451 254,148 Urlum 5,977 7,665 9,038 11,749 21,112 41,479 156,200 504,746 204,622 Neidon 0 0 0 0 8,786 25,074 81,045 724,181 5,031,738 Plock 0 0 0 0 0 0 134 1,027 9,842 I used the equations at and simplifying all planets to have circular, coplanar orbits. All distances are altitudes in km, 0 indicates below the body's surface. I've highlighted the only ones that are out of the SOI. I haven't checked if they are outside the atmosphere.