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  1. You never have to circularize the carrier. This is what I've been doing, If I want to put my satelites in say a 250km orbit, I enter the SOI, adjust my Pa to be be 250, then adjust the Ap to 440km (or whatever the exact value is), and fix my inclination, then drop and circularize the probes on three laps. If I have more probes to drop off from the carrier, I leave without ever circularizing.
  2. Thanks for the great mod! I'm having intermittent success with the "improve guess" procedure. What is the correct procedure? "revert to launch" or "F9"?
  3. You can install the dev version from CKAN.
  4. @5thHorseman suggested this in another thread: Is this possible with Kopernicus?
  5. Basically your ejection burn does two things: 1) Gets you out of Mun's SOI, since the SOI's are finite, you exit with some surplus velocity. 2) Changes your orbit around Kerbin, using the surplus velocity. I think about it like you start in the same orbit as Mun. You want this to be retrograde, so you should make your surplus velocity is retrograde, so (anti-)parallel to your "orbit" (really the Mun's orbit)
  6. Solar sails can be used to travel anywhere in system. If you treat them as a mirror, the thrust will always be normal to the sail. So if you point the normal somewhere between radial and prograde, you will slow down and fall towards the sun. Likewise between radial and retrograde will move you away. It is basically normal celestial navigation with the restriction that the thrust is proportional to the cosine of the angle of your engine and the sun, and you engine is always on.
  7. I like this idea. You would want the SOI to be small however, so it doesn't mess up other orbits. I also don't know if you would want to put them at all 5 points. Only L4 & L5 are stable.
  8. Worked great. Got to laythe, with some f5/f9 usage I managed to even hit land and plant a flag! Got home with an extra 3kms delta v.
  9. That totally worked better, got into orbit with 1km/s delta v left. I've been largely ignoring SL isp. Good pointer.
  10. Thanks for the hyperedit suggestion. The lander worked fine, just 300 m/s short :/ plus it tumbled on the way up. Solved both problems by adding a FL-T100 on top of the lander can, and draining it first. I don't think I would have discovered the tumbling problem without hyperedit until I actually got there.
  11. Does this look like it could land on Laythe with just chutes, and them make it back to orbit? It has 3 Mk16-XL, 12 Mk2-R, and 9 Mk12-R drogue chutes. Vehicle mass is 18.1T. I plan on using the inflatable heatshield until I can open the chutes. It has 2500/5000 SL/V delta v and 2.48/1.25 vacum/sl TWR (Laythe SL.) There is another Terrier behind the heat shield. The outer tubes are just structural fuselages, they get chucked on take off.
  12. I ended up using the c That is what I did. 2.5 stage lander. Dumps first stage on Tylo, dumps extra fuel tanks after Vall, does Bop and Poll. Mothership is also return vessel. Currently landed on Poll. I did have redo the launch, rendezvous, LKO burn, and Jool transfer since I had the wrong kind of solar panels and not enough control authority. My solar panels kept burning off and then I would tumble (two unrelated problems).
  13. I am planning a Jool 4 mission (skipping Laythe) Looking at a delta v map, I get a worse case scenario delta v of 21km/s , without landings. That seems very high. So I wanted to do a mock run with a smaller craft, skipping the landings. Is the following a reasonable approach: Rig up a craft with the same minimum TWR as my actual craft. Set infinite propellant, and navigate the planned trip, keeping track of the required delta v. Would that give me a good estimate for how much delta v the real misssion would require? -Thanks.
  14. Depending on which vessel has more tanks, you can switch. -Pin open all tanks on destination -Open on tank on source -Empty it -Deselect that tank. -Open next tank on destination. If all of the sources are full or all of the destinations start empty, you can also do this: (Say all destinations are empty) -Open all tanks -Fill one destination -Close that destination -Fill next destination, etc. (If all of the sources are full, you just empty then one by one, closing each window after you do.)
  15. If my napkin math is correct, if you have n satellites, the altitude so that they can always see each other is R[sectant(Pi/n)-1], (and hence all of the equator including KSC,) where R is Kerbin's radius. So (rounding up to the nearest km) Satellites Altitude 3 600km 4 249km 5 142km 6 92km Seven would give you 66km, so inside the atmosphere.
  16. Hi, I recently got into KSP, and I'm playing it on my old iMac. It works, but just barely. The only mod I have installed is MechJeb. Launching a Kerbal X, doesn't even run full speed. The clock turns yellow and orange. Once I get into space, things are fine. This is with all of the graphics options turned all the way down. I plan on getting a new computer, a Dell XPS 13 laptop, and wondered if I could expect better performance. Here are the relevant specs: iMac: Core 2 Duo (3 GHz), 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9400 w/ 256MB Laptop: i5-6200U up to 2.80 GHz, 8GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 520 (integrated) I might also wait and get the Kaby Lake version when it comes out. Should I expect significant improvement on this new machine? Thanks!