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  1. I have made different variations of the rocket you see in the video and the game still crashes, yes, EVERYTIME. I have tried roughly 15 times, even on a different launch pad. What you see in the video is what happens literally everytime. Two seconds after the video ends is when the game crashes, no performance issues at all. It's a relatively new game in career mode. I have only two satellites, one orbiting Kerbin and one orbiting the Mun, so there is zero lag and the game runs perfectly smooth. Then it crashes. Yes I have the DLC installed and I am using at least one part that
  2. I built a rocket capable of going to the Mun and back from Kerbin. The game crasheses everytime before the rocket reaches 300m/s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QNiTwLzR6E
  3. And how about the PC players who got it for free for buying early access? Those of us who bought the original KSP on console are essentially the exact same. Getting the Enhanced Edition for free was nothing more than them fixing a game that was broken beyond repair. A mistake that should've never happened. They should've tested it and delayed the release date.
  4. Should've delayed the original console version, too. Glad you're learning from your mistakes.
  5. This DLC better be free for those of us who bought the original KSP on console.
  6. Those of us console users who bought the first version of KSP on console better be getting the DLC for free.
  7. I just solved the problem, I put the craft in low orbit of Kerbin and recovered the vessel from orbit. I feel like its cheating though.
  8. I landed Jeb on the Mun and safely landed him back on Kerbal in career mode in the enhanced edition but I cannot save/go to main menu/go to space center/go to tracking station/recover vessel. I tried EVA, going into map, pressing random buttons, turning the throttle on/off, and nothing I've tried seems to work. I also tried re-loading my last save which was Jeb on the Mun about to take off for Kerbal, but same problem every time I land on Kerbal.
  9. Here's the problem: one of them later said that they think it would be great if what I said would happen. Thing is, if you agree then why explain why you THINK it won't happen? What's the point in that? If you agree that Squad should apologize and compensate people for their mistake, then just say so. The more people who want an apology and compensation, the more likely it'll happen (definitely not saying it WILL happen). Explaining why you think something won't happen doesn't help anything here, if anything it deters people from requesting the same thing. Squad needs to apologize and make thi
  10. This is why I hate going on forums, people are so quick to shoot down your ideas without even thinking, even if they don't know what they're talking about. Everyone wants to prove people wrong in forums, and that doesn't help anything. People trust a company more when they apologize for their mistakes and use that mistake to make their company better. Here's a small example of an apology they could make: "We apologize that the original release of KSP on console was a failure. We failed to properly test it before release, and as a result we had to re-port the game from scratch which took a
  11. Recently I've been trying to think about things in a third person's prospective regarding KSP on console, rather than thinking like a victim. Squad is doing everything they can to make sure this re-release won't be a failure like the original release, which is commendable. Though it is Squad's fault that the original release was a huge failure because they didn't properly test it (if at all). However, I am willing to forgive Squad if they do these two things: 1. Give an official public apology for releasing a broken game as a finished product. The apology can simply be on the announc
  12. I don't currently own a computer nor can I afford to build/buy one. I much prefer the convenience and simplicity of console over PC anyway (I have done a bit of PC gaming in the past), so PC is out of the question. I almost never complain about video games that are playable, so no I would not complain. I recently bought Shoppe Keep and it's probably more buggy than KSP on console, it even corrupted the saves regularly, even more often than KSP does. I complained to them about the save issue via e-mail and they told me they're already working it, the next day they released an update specif
  13. Almost 15 months now and still no update. At least they're acknowledging the situation and keeping us updated on their progress every week... All I wanted was for them to stop the game from corrupting and to make it freeze/crash/become unresponsive less, then slowly fix the game update after update over time. At the very least they could've stopped it from corrupting, then do what they're doing now, which is re-doing the whole thing. At least we would've been able to play the game relatively safely while we waited. Why not just release the build they have now as an open beta/early ac
  14. You know what they could've/should've done? Released the current build as an open beta for those who bought it for console. Not for testing, but so they can play a better version than what's currently available while they wait for the game to be re-released. AKA early access. It is now July 12th and has officially been a full year. I will certainly not be recommending KSP to anyone ever again and I will never again buy a game from Squad.
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