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  1. I'm playing career, and have picked up 3 contracts. 1, Jool course. Flyby Eve, Jool, laythe 2, Jool course. Flyby Duna, Jool, Eve. 3, satellite around Jool with a mystery goo. My question is, can I use just one new craft for all of these? Or do they need to be separate craft?
  2. I've discovered, it only seems to happen when you use the warp here function. Normal warp seems to be ok
  3. I landed a base on Duna for a contract, and realised I'd forgotten the mono tanks. So I designed and tested a rover with a detachable mono tank, launched and landed within 3km of the base (so far so good) But then I discover to my growing frustration that because the base is on a slight incline, I can't get the traction I need to manoeuvre onto the docking port, moreover, when I turn the wheels left, the rover slips right! This didn't seem to be a problem with the foldable wheels I used with my original Duna rover which gripped so hard I ended up tipping the thing. Is this a bug, or has Duna turned into a giant strawberry ice lollipop?
  4. Thanks, I'd of never guessed, the sizes look entirely different
  5. I don't know if I'm being thick, but I can't get anything to dock to the inflatable airlock on my Duna base, everything just bounces off. Am I doing something wrong? (Xbox, career mode)
  6. Its just what you're used to, when EE was first released, I had a go at all the presets, and settled on radial. Once you figure out where everything is, it's more intuitive than it first seems, the most commonly needed functions are available without needing to use the cursor which can be awkward.
  7. I checked this out last night, I don't know where you've been looking but there is a radial preset, left on the d-pad to open radial menu then R is RCS D is plant flag U is sas(I think) and L is parachute
  8. Yesterday, I attempted to load from the persistent save only to find flights in progress was 0. I double checked by going to the tracking station which confirmed no vessels. The I. Game date was correct as well as available funds etc, just no kerbals. Ended up loading my last quicksave, and everything was fine, hopefully just an anomaly, but I thought you'd like to know, we don't want a return to the fiasco of the original versions save file losses. Playing xbox, with DLC on career
  9. I've had the exact same issue,but with the mk1-3 in 2 separate places on the control panel
  10. After reading through this thread, I think it's time to lay down a little love. People keep talking about crashes but so far (for me) the game is more stable then it's ever been. I've had no problems with menus not opening, and the kraken seems to be sleeping soundly, graphics seem better also, though that could be my imagination. As for the DLC, I'll admit, for the money paid for it, the content is a little thin on the ground but the quality is first rate! Service modules! (Once I figured how to de-shroud them) Engine plates: no more of the small structural girders (lower part count is always welcome on console) tho some way of restricting cross flow would be handy Structural tubes: where have you been all my life? Great for protecting delicate parts but with greater stability then a fairing. Now there's bound to be a few bugs but I'm sure we can work together on that.(squad don't let me down on this!) If there's one thing I'd critique, it's that some of the historical engines are a bit over powered, not necessarily in thrust, but efficiency, I mean I managed to get a large interplanetary ship into orbit with one stage!
  11. KSP with update and DLC. After playing for a couple of hours, I watched as a discarded M.E.M impacted on mun, I then returned to space center and then immediately entered tracking station at which point the game crashed back to home screen. This has only happened once so far, but I thought I'd mention it here