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  1. I've just been watching a YouTube video about the next Xbox console and one thing jumped out at me. The official statement from Microsoft is the most Xbox one titles will be backwards compatible at launch. MOST So I guess I'm asking if we can get confirmation that Enhanced edition will be compatible with the new generation of consoles, and if so, what (if any) improvements in game performance are we likely to see?
  2. This isn't the first time I've seen such a comment, and it always strikes me as peculiar since I play on a Xbox one S, and though the game is far from perfect, it is also far from unplayable. So I guess the question is, what kind of demand are you putting on your system? I mean, are you watching YouTube vids of contraptions with hundreds (if not thousands) of parts and thinking "I can do that" well I'm here to tell you, you can't. I've learnt, that a less is more attitude is advisable, I don't tend to go much over 200 parts (including launch vehicle) and that seems to do me well.
  3. Anyone know of any good YouTube robotics tutorials? Having trouble getting my head around the control unit. Plus, the new science gear with breaking ground, does each unit need a separate power source? I packed everything I thought I'd need for a mun visit, and half says it's unpowered. Oh and while I'm hear, what can we use the control action groups for? Thanks in advance
  4. Has anyone heard if there will be keyboard and mouse support for the console versions? Really hope so
  5. I've managed to land on Eve using Matt lownes recent eve tutorial as a guide. My lander has a 2 stage core along with 6 external tanks designed to drain sequentially, jettisoning in pairs from the central core, each feeding into the next tank and then to the core. However, for some reason once the 1st pair have drained it skips to the core tank whilst all the other tanks remain full. I've reloaded the save several times and the only way I can get it to drain in sequence is by shutting off the core whilst enabling crossfeed on the decouplers. Fuel flow priority has no effect
  6. A bit late in responding, but had this problem also, and I've found its often a problem with part clipping. I always go straight to the flight status panel and where it say "part A collided with part B" then part A needs reattaching in a slightly different way and this usually fixes the problem, although once it was a problem with a fairing and I ended up having to remove it entirely and go a different way
  7. Does anyone know of a bug where contracts don't recognize a new probe because you loaded a previous one from the cab menu and renamed it? Just had a probe to mun mission but I used a probe from my sub assembly's, and now it won't complete even though the planned orbit line vanished
  8. I'm playing career, and have picked up 3 contracts. 1, Jool course. Flyby Eve, Jool, laythe 2, Jool course. Flyby Duna, Jool, Eve. 3, satellite around Jool with a mystery goo. My question is, can I use just one new craft for all of these? Or do they need to be separate craft?
  9. I've discovered, it only seems to happen when you use the warp here function. Normal warp seems to be ok
  10. I landed a base on Duna for a contract, and realised I'd forgotten the mono tanks. So I designed and tested a rover with a detachable mono tank, launched and landed within 3km of the base (so far so good) But then I discover to my growing frustration that because the base is on a slight incline, I can't get the traction I need to manoeuvre onto the docking port, moreover, when I turn the wheels left, the rover slips right! This didn't seem to be a problem with the foldable wheels I used with my original Duna rover which gripped so hard I ended up tipping the thing. Is this a bug
  11. I don't know if I'm being thick, but I can't get anything to dock to the inflatable airlock on my Duna base, everything just bounces off. Am I doing something wrong? (Xbox, career mode)
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