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  1. Broke dead dogg

    Help with structural failure!

    Thanks I'll give it a go
  2. I've been attempting to get an interplanetary ship into kerbin orbit, and I'm having some trouble. The initial launch goes fine, 1st staging also, but when I reach approx 23000m the kraken strikes resulting in linkage failure between the 3rd stage rhino engine and a TS-37 stack separator causing the whole upper stage to vaporise! I've tried multiple times using a combination of autostrut, regular struts, and the part rigidity on and off, with the same result. Any advise? There's no pics available unfortunately as I've been too frustrated to upload any. (FYI, I'm on the Xbox enhanced edition, which is set to version 1.22, so no mods)
  3. Broke dead dogg

    KSP Weekly: A Martian Helicopter

    Since it was one of the first things players criticised when EE was released, it would only be either foolishness, or outright bloody-mindedness that would prevent them from addressing it
  4. Broke dead dogg

    KSP Weekly: A Martian Helicopter

    I've been away for a while so I don't know if this has been asked previously but, will the upcoming blitworks update include a fix to allow time warp during acceleration? As some of us don't relish having to sit through 20minute nerv burns
  5. Just putting my 2 pennies worth in, I personally use tweakables, for me it was one of the best features of 1.2, allowing us to build stable, solid craft without the obscene part count that comes with needing a fist full of struts. However, I still haven't experienced half the "game breaking" bugs, described by many of you guys. As I've said in previous posts, the most persistent bug I've so far encountered, is the stage lockout when switching between vessels using the map screen. I've, (so far) had zero problems with save not reloading, or being lost, I've certainly not found this disabled engine bug that @Event Horizon is experiencing. As a thought, has anyone considered where their game is saved? What I mean is that I have an external drive that holds my most played digital games, Ksp included, and (as I've said) I've had no problems with saves. Also, is the save problems a predominantly playstation problem, or is it across both console versions?
  6. Have you tried opening the part window for the engine to see if the activate/deactivate toggle works?
  7. This is weird, I'm on xbone myself and I haven't encountered this bug at all. Are you sure you're not inadvertently engaging staging lock?(LB+A) Tbh I've not encountered half the bugs most people are getting, I've (so far) had no probs with saves, the controls can be a bit twitchy but I've got stick extenders to help with that, the main bug I'm getting is when you switch between vessels which irreversibly locks the staging, but a quick save reload fixes that. No my main gripe is with certain design decisions blitworks/squad made, like the inability to time warp while under acceleration, or fine tuning for the manoeuvre nodes, or how you can't easily switch between celestial bodies in the map. Hope they get to the bottom of the bugs soon, but as usual they're keeping tight lipped about any progress
  8. Yes, but any idea what could cause it? I mean is it because the drills are positioned too close to the surface, or because they're out on arms rather than close to the centre mass? Or something else entirely?
  9. I've successfully landed a base on minimus, but when I've deployed the drills, they lift the feet off the ground and shake the base and gradually walk the base around untill eventually the kraken strikes! Any ideas how to stop this?
  10. Don't know if this is a bug, oversight, or me being daft. How, whilst in map, do you switch between planets? (Other than zooming right out and clicking the cursor on the planet you want to focus on) Is there any way of fine tuning manoeuvre nodes? I decided to send a probe to minimus for the first time in EE (I'd done it many times on FE) and I can't adjust the node fine enough to get an encounter, I keep over/under shooting it
  11. So i finely got chance to have a proper play this weekend, and these are the impressions I got. Control in that VAB imo are near perfect, I've spent a good hour or more building a complete minimus surface base with landing capabilities with little to no problems, my one criticism is with the move tool: surely the control (in radial) should be up/down= up/down and left/right= left/right with a modifier to make up/down=in/out, but no, u/d=L/R and L/R=U/D confusing. The flight controls are complex but I'm getting used to them but a full list of controls would be useful, so far I've experienced the control freeze once. The map view is ok,but Darn it we need fine tuning on the manoeuvre nodes! And finally, who's bright idea was it to disable physics time warp during burns?! You realise Squad/blitworks that this little brainwave will limit a lot of players to kerbing and it's moons as very few would want to sit through double figure burns. I've noticed alot of other players complaining about bugs, maybe I'm just lucky so far as I've only encountered the one but we will see
  12. If you mean during flight I can tell you just keep tapping B until it finally comes out. While I'm here has anybody discovered a way of fine tuning your manoeuvre notes, as I keep over shooting with my target
  13. I've inadvertently discovered the staging lock function. Thought it was a bug at first. Lol
  14. I heard on a review of the PS4 version that there's limited keyboard support for things like action groups and the ever elusive debug menu, is this also trueonxbox?