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  1. Yeah! They used the word "refining" so I'd assume some problems arose from the controls that needed tweaking. Short leash my friend, need to keep us hooked
  2. Nice to see last week's console section wasn't just a one off, looking forward to seeing the finished product. Seems the weekly is a bit shorter this week. Don't know if that's a good thing or not
  3. Imagine the Euphoria when it finally arrives
  4. Well, I guess you'll never be disappointed lol
  5. This^^^^^ is what we want! Thank you for listening, it might not seem like much to some but to many of us the Ksp weeklies were a definite "rinse and repeat" affair whereas this^ gives us a feeling of progress. A problem found, and then addressed. Plus, a definite statement of intended future/ongoing development for the console. And with the revelation of a limited cheat menu, I'd like to ask a question. I've noticed on several YouTube vids, pc players having a modified UI or HUD, is this from a mod, or is it in the stock PC game? If the latter, will we console players have this ability? Since personally I play using a 42" TV at medium to close range, the large 100% UI is unnecessary The alienware reference means nothing to me but you have to understand, choosing a console is all about economics. This way I can toast my crumpets at the same time as playing Ksp without the need for a toaster! Besides, if I ever got a gaming pc, with some of the games available to you guys, I think it would mean the end to my marriage
  6. Thanks for this ^^^ This is what I (and I assume everyone) wants, I know this has probably been available for a while but it's never been made terribly clear if we were going to get a full 1.2 version. With this in mind I would like to ask, with no dates involved, no guarantees, subject to change etc. Etc. Will we be getting (apart from the modability section) all that is listed in this change log? Or, will some be left out due to hardware restrictions or other problems associated with Microsoft/Sony? The reason I ask is because the debug menu with its "cheat"options would be a welcome tool for testing craft prior to launching a mission and also renaming kerbal would be a small but welcome indulgence I have noticed that there is a lot of anger on this thread and I'd like to say to Squad and the moderator's that before you get too impatient with us, that the anger we manifest comes from a great love of a game that, for quite a long time, we've been unable to play to any extent. If we didn't care, we wouldn't get sure There have been several broken games in the past, that have barely produced a murmur. I hope you will realise, that when we (eventually) get a decent, working version, that we the console players, are actually an amiable bunch with a great community. ☮️
  7. Please supply links since a search of 1.1 to 1.2.2 change logs or any combination of those words gives no results.
  8. Sorry,. Obviously I wasn't clear. This is on the xbox While I'm in control of the kerbal, I stand next to the used chute, I then try to select the chute using the cursor and B button to open the dialogue box, but the box doesn't appear. I've tried resetting and reloading the game and nothing
  9. I've kinda given up on the career mode whilst I await the blitworks re-release, but I've been playing a bit on sandbox designing and testing craft. I was testing a Duna lander and I can't seem to get the engineer to re-pack the chutes,even when he's standing nearly on top of them, is this another FTE bug or am I doing something wrong?
  10. "Nominal operations" or more likely"on schedule" would probably be what the high ups in squad/take two get but, I shouldn't have to tell you, we are customers! Customers expect (and rightly so) more from a company that A)already has their money and B)has not yet delivered. Imagine if one of your customers/client was looking for a progress report and simply got "we are making progress"? No schedule, no details of problems. I can't think of many customers who'd be happy with that Please bare in mind that we (the console players) don't get all the shiny screen shots for the upcoming making history expansion. We don't even know if it's going to be available to us. All we get is a couple of dozen words randomly organized each week. I think we would all be a little happier just to get a couple of examples of bugs they've encountered maybe even a few more details of the new control scheme since it sounds like we're going to have to relearn the game. Throw us a bone here!
  11. I kinda understand what you mean, but tell me this, what would your boss say to an answer like that? Or a customer? Let's face it, when asked what you've done this week, if your response was a transparent rewording of you basic job description, chances are your wouldn't have that job for very long (and potential customers would likely spend their money somewhere else
  12. I'm trying to design a refuel station for minor orbit and I'm trying to decide where to have the refinery, on the station or on the lander? and of course it comes down to mass. So I'm trying to figure out which is more efficient to get from the munar surface, into orbit. Ore or liquid fuel I haven't been able to find any details about the weight of a unit of ore/fuel so any help would be appreciated
  13. Can I just ask, with complete sincerity, does this ^ post make sense to anyone else? Or am I having some kind of aneurysm?! It reads to me, like #winkallkerb is using some 3rd rate translation program and it hasn't quite hit the mark. Or am I just getting old?
  14. I'm not entirely sure how to take this post. Are you a console player who's finally had enough? Or are you a pc player who's sick if our "whining"? Besides, erasing something like the console version of Ksp from history would have..... consequences! For instance, wiping it from our hard drives would not be sufficient. You would also have to erase all the transactions for said game, refunding all the console players could have a detrimental effect upon squad as a whole. Why not just settle for the erasure of FTE? I don't think you'll have many objections
  15. This is the problem with Ksp weekly when it comes to consoles. A lot of empty statements with very little detail (compared to other Dev aspects) It's kind of like having someone point a finger at you in a waiting room saying "I haven't forgotten about you What we want is details! What's working, what's not, successes, failures, are they ahead of (their) schedule, or behind?