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  1. I heard on a review of the PS4 version that there's limited keyboard support for things like action groups and the ever elusive debug menu, is this also trueonxbox?
  2. Just watched a review on YouTube by Scott Manley who mentioned a limited keyboard support in relation to things like control groups, but I'm not sure if that was for PS4 only. Can anyone confirm such compatibility on Xbox?
  3. I have to say, I was expecting this thread to be awash with comments, reviews, and criticism by now, but so far there's been very little activity. Probably everyone is busy experimenting with the controls etc, or possibly just at work (like me:-()
  4. I'm both excited, and irked in equal measure! On one hand the new port if finally being released (yay!) And on the other, Tuesday.... Tuesday?! Who realeases anything on a Tuesday? The reality for me is that I'm gonna be up the road and the game will be out for 4 days before I can play it..... Gah!
  5. Trying to think of something intelligent to say........but I'm too excited!!! Qué the explosions
  6. Development Update for Consoles!

    Only 5 sleeps till January!
  7. Chances are we're the guinea pigs, if they work out you guys might get them. Alternatively, it could be as simple as it hasn't occurred to the that you'd want these control schemes
  8. Got really excited there when I thought it said 4 January then realized it was "playstation 4 January..." Nevermind, still mega pumped for this version, I can imagine January is gonna be along month. Any chance of nailing that release date down?
  9. KSP Weekly: Expedition 1

    2 quick questions: 1. Will we need to completely uninstall the old Ksp or will it just 'update' as I have my settings on auto update? 2. Will the new version take advantage of any of the new features of the Xbox one X, and if not, is there any future plans involving the xb1 X?
  10. Development Update for Consoles!

    I am by no means an expert, so please take everything that follows as complete guess work: I think, that when squad initially announced blitworks involvement it was called an update. Now I maybe arguing semantics but it gave me the impression that they were going to attempt to fix the FTE joke, so when they originally said "early next year" (meaning 2017) they genuinely believed the statement, however, once blitworks had taken a good look at the 'code' it was decided to scrap the port all together and start fresh hence the monumental delay. A little explanation of this and maybe an allusion to a "sorry" at that point would have gone a long way, but it's all in the past, I just hope they make this new deadline and that Squad/Blitworks act fast to fix any bugs that will undoubtedly arise post release, for like the best laid plans, no game survives contact with the enemy/players
  11. Development Update for Consoles!

    So, only 12 months out! I can understand why they're reluctant to discuss timeframes now! Lol It is good news, I've really wanted to play recently but didn't as I just couldn't handle the frustration, would have been good for Xmas though, still a nice new years bonus! Note to squad/blitworks: I hope you realize the epic fecal downpour that will deluge these forums if we reach February 1st without a pressure
  12. KSP Weekly: The Eridania Region

    Ooooo! Though they haven't yet entered, they mentioned certification process! Is it too early to be excited?
  13. KSP Weekly: The Martian Race

    As much as I appreciate the (slightly)more information for the console players, it does seem a bit like rinse and repeat with these weeklies. How about a few more details of the new control setup. So far all I've seen is screen shots of a very early contextual menu. How about a controller layout? Or more detail of the options? Throw us a bone here! If you hadn't realised, we're all practically quivering with anticipation
  14. Development Update for Consoles!

    You took the words right out of my mouth, I think alot of the anger people feel could of been avoided if squad (when putting a bullet in the FTE version) had just issued a blanket refund, with a statement expressing hope of our return when blitworks version is released, but I suspect that it wasn't economically possible. Strangely I suspect there would of been less anger if squad had just continued to patch the FTE version, it the feeling of helpless suspense that drives everyone mad
  15. Development Update for Consoles!

    And let's not forget the lt-1 landing strut that explodes upon contact with anything! Literally, I place a craft on the launch pad for testing and boom!