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  1. Congrats man! @The_Rocketeer I wish you luck (I know i'll need some in the future) Thanks for all the help
  2. (sorry this took so long, I wasn't able to play for a while due to being busy) But I am happy to report the Jeb was picked up in a seperate ship from munar orbit, and I succesfully just made a splashdown with him now, so thanks guys (even though it took me months to finish), but our boy is finally home! I mean hey, he didn't stay up there any longer than Mark W. stayed on mars...
  3. I'll report what happens as soon as I finish
  4. Update Breaking News: I managed to get Jeb into orbit of the moon, I believe I can manage to do a rendezvous and bring him home, but if not i'll probably be back for more advice.
  5. Im back everyone, day 2 of my task, i'll take all of the new replies into consideration, and let you know my results.
  6. Im open to mods, i'll check it out. @James Kerman P.S. (It's getting late where I am, I'll be back tomorrow, if you guys come up with anything just let me know.) btw My steam name is Dax (pic is astronaut), if anyone needs to message me for some reason. See you tomorrow, thanks for the help.
  7. I have done an orbital rendezvous before, one of my past attempts involved refueling using a secondary ship over the moon, I managed to dock them and refuel, but things went downhill on the landing. And it's fine, I am way below your level, but thats why im here. (btw @Snark, It's probably because of my piloting, but I have enough fuel to land, but I doubt it will be enough to take off. And I did put the swivel. Plus I also condensed the staging like you asked.)
  8. I only really need to get him off the surface and into munar orbit, after that It wouldn't be that big of a deal to retrieve him.
  9. I feel the same way, and it has a probe core on the very top, ill remove a tank or two, and check back periodically for when your home.
  10. Ok I think I built it how you wanted, I have the radial SRB's set to 1.5 thrust to weight. Did I do it how you thought? Or should I change something else?
  11. Sorry for taking a minute to answer, my experience level is practically nothing. This was the first time I went to the mun, he got stuck there because of fuel. I made this rescue ship, but it only has enough fuel to get into munar orbit, then de- orbit, but not enough to land. This is it: I usually fly to around 10,000 feet and pitch to 45 degrees, then when im higher I usually pitch to 80 or 90 degrees. (although my velocity doesn't actually get to 90 degrees, just my pointer on the navball.)
  12. Well I don't exactly have a rocket anymore, I threw away my design I used to get there, and the others i've tried. I was hoping someone could post a picture of one of their rescue ships with this tier of technology. I have enough fuel to get there, but landing is where I start to run out.
  13. I am still fairly new to the game, I managed to get jeb to the mun, but he's out of fuel. I have tried time and time again to create a design that can get him home. If anyone could help me out, it would be appreciated. I don't have a large amount of tech unlocked yet, so my request is to help me out with a rocket that can get there and at least get him back into munar orbit without running out of fuel. I really need to get jeb home. Thanks. Current Tech Tree:
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