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  1. Made an Osprey style tiltrotor with the Huey cockpit, works well most of the time (unless Kerbalism decides to shut down one engine) https://imgur.com/PdLjpGr https://imgur.com/WHMvxcj
  2. Having a great time with JNSQ, thanks @Galileo and friends for all your amazing work. Curious how I would go about using KSC Extended (or other KK packs) with this though?
  3. The point of leading edge slats are to extend the wing area and allow the plane to maintain a higher angle of attack when landing without stalling. This allows a slower approach and a safer descent. I think you may have put them on wrong, when extended they should look like this What you are using them for is essentially analogous to a spoiler, which is when a part of the wing extends up to dump the lift of the wing and drop the aircraft firmly to the deck on touchdown. I usually use the S.P.O.I.L.E.R. part in this pack which maps to the brakes action group by default for this
  4. Aww yeah time to fulfil my dream of screaming in at treetop level in a Tornado PS, If you're thinking about new parts, I would really appreciate some Harrier engines, VTOLs are quite difficult without compact nozzles and the Harrier is one of the all time greats
  5. Amazing! A brilliant update. Out of interest where did you get the landing barge you use in the trailer?
  6. Looks fantastic Benjee! Can’t wait to get my ISS assembled. On the subject of assembly did you have any other thoughts about robotic arms? Yay! Any chance of a semi- folded state for the Zarya solar panels? Like this:
  7. Use a grabber in a cup of fairing with a heatshield beneath it to protect the cargo from reentry
  8. Congrats @Nertea and all the Restock Team. You are all excellent people
  9. Hey Zorg, those screenshots look bloody fantastic! I decided to switch my shuttle stack to use reDIRECT (and have little time these days to play) so I dropped using the patch myself but glad to see it was helpful. DM me if you want me to send over the balance sheet I used
  10. The Ares I planned to use a five-segment SRB, which for reDirect would be the Monsoon five-segment SRB
  11. Tantares has a lovely Pirs/Poisk That Cupola looks absolutely fabulous @benjee10
  12. Its meant to be clustered in 5 in the alternate version like the J-2 To give a bigger oomf to larger vacuum stages
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