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  1. 4 minutes ago, neistridlar said:

    Yeah, KSP aero does not allow them to work like in IRL. IRL they help the airflow "stick" to the upper surface of the wing at higher angle of attack, allowing them to generate more lift at low speeds. But in KSP wing parts does not interact with each other aerodynamically, so they really don't help much in slow flight at all.

    Does FAR make them work more realistically?

  2. 16 minutes ago, Jognt said:

    A question on the function of ‘leiding edge slats’ and a note on their placing:

    How are they supposed to work? I noticed that if I place them on the leading edge of my wings (curvy side up, pointy end forward, hinge in the back) and deploy them in flight, they generate quite a lot of ‘lift’ downwards. 

    Ive been using them to plant my plane on the ground while braking/landing but from what I’ve read about real life flaps, they’re supposed to enhance lift?

    I added another set of slats to the same wing edge, rotated 180° so these aid in take-off/slow flight, and noticed that they don’t rotate on their center. This means it’s virtually impossible to balance them left/right properly. It’s nothing that AtmosphereAutopilot can’t handle, but I am wondering how I could fix/math it to be exact. 

    So basically: do they work as ‘intended’ (brakes, downforce)? And are there precise coordinates for the ends of them to do some CFG offsetting?


    The point of leading edge slats are to extend the wing area and allow the plane to maintain a higher angle of attack when landing without stalling. This allows a slower approach and a safer descent. I think you may have put them on wrong, when extended they should look like this


    What you are using them for is essentially analogous to a spoiler, which is when a part of the wing extends up to dump the lift of the wing and drop the aircraft firmly to the deck on touchdown. I usually use the S.P.O.I.L.E.R. part in this pack which maps to the brakes action group by default for this


  3. 1 hour ago, benjee10 said:

    jkBYQpq.pngObviously much love must go to @Beale for the Russian segment, which looks great as ever! 

    Looks fantastic Benjee! Can’t wait to get my ISS assembled. On the subject of assembly did you have any other thoughts about robotic arms?

    1 hour ago, Beale said:

    Really incredible work and attention to detail! And the cute fabric stitching never fails to entertain me.

    You have definitely inspired me to up my game in the near future Zvezda / Zarya wise :) 

    Yay! Any chance of a semi- folded state for the Zarya solar panels? Like this:


  4. 50 minutes ago, Elroy Jetson said:


    I need to recover a PPD-10 from LKO.  Is the grabber the only way to do this?  I must assume that successful completion of this contract means I can't have the storage container exploding during rentry?  That is the part that worries me.  I can probably get to a rendezvous and grab it, but I can see this all going bad when it all starts heating up on rentry.


    Use a grabber in a cup of fairing with a heatshield beneath it to protect the cargo from reentry

  5. 1 hour ago, Zorg said:

    I've also been messing around with the Cormorant shuttle in 2.5x scale. Because I like Hydrolox craft I also wanted to patch it to run cryogenic.

    So far so good although I'm still tweaking.

    Not so sure about real world to KSP balance but it works for me and I've managed to put 11 tons into low orbit in 2.5x (Galileos planet pack but I believe Gael has the same Dv requirements as Kerbin)


    The existing Cryo patch seems to add an LH2 mode in addition to LF to the Cormorant SSME but it breaks the realplume. It also patches the squad SSME/Vector to run LH2 but that caused a conflict with something else for me. So I rolled a custom config for a model from RealEngines.


    although I doubled monoprop in the OMS pods I still ended up carrying an extra large MP tank to do a station rendezvous. But I will probably keep that mission specific instead of increasing qty yet further.


    This is the config I used if anyone is interested. It follows the principle of doubling fuel qty as per Paks 2.5x patch. However it also adds LH2Ox (also doubled). Even with double the fuel, the LH20X density seems a bit LESS than stock tanks patched by CryoEngines mod and procedural tanks. So I dont think the balance is very far off; I might actually increase LH2 quantities. It probably needs some tweaks by someone more knowledgeable than me. Make sure to remove the existing CryoEngines patch if trying this.

      Reveal hidden contents





    Hey Zorg, those screenshots look bloody fantastic! I decided to switch my shuttle stack to use reDIRECT (and have little time these days to play) so I dropped using the patch myself but glad to see it was helpful. DM me if you want me to send over the balance sheet I used

  6. 10 minutes ago, Laie said:

    I've just got myself the expansion and find that this has to be the most useless engine of all. It looks like the J-2, has 300kN and ISP goes 265-330. The latter suggests a use a sustainer or second-stage engine, but there's just no oomph to lift anything (seriously, 300kN on a 2.5m stack?). As a last stage or deep space engine, it looses out to the Poodle no matter what.

    I posit that in any situation where one might even consider the Skiff, it will be strongly rivaled by the Poodle (and totally outclassed by the silly Wolfhound, of course, but that's no surprise).

    Or... are there any hidden qualities I missed? Why and when would I ever want to use it?

     Its meant to be clustered in 5 in the alternate version like the J-2 


    To give a bigger oomf to larger vacuum stages

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