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  1. Unfortunately, all American rovers since Sojourner have the same system
  2. @akron has mentioned eventually getting to MER and MSL in his pack Probes Plus!, but it's a long way down the line by all accounts. The most difficult bit seems to be the rocker-bogie suspension, which is difficult to achieve in KSP
  3. He lives! Miss your work man. Looks amazing @benjee10! Footage of Hype reaction to public release of reHabTech (2019, colorised)
  4. I think this has really brought Restock to the fore. The change in artstyle with the new parts means the rocketry parts are even more different to the Porkjet parts
  5. Think you could get the same result (and be more accurate) having the supports wavey like so: This would give it a bit of texture
  6. Tantares has a great Phobos Other places for Soviet Probes include Probes Plus which has a superb Venera (also done by @Beale IIRC)
  7. You mean like the silver cover on the topside of Zarya? I've been using the Vostok Parachute for now but I agree, would be a nice thing to have Maybe instead of a special version of the Mir 6-way adapter with 4 ports we could have the 6-way adapter and a part to cover the unused attachment nodes
  8. Go into Notepad or Notepad++ or any other plain text editor and save your code as a .cfg file. Then just put it into a folder named e.g. 000theredtompatches and drop into your gamedata folder.
  9. If you mean the making history service module engine, that is a known bug/balance faux pas. The BDB one is balanced to the rest of the mod and the wider stock parts, its the MH one that's off.
  10. I'm sorry but you're just wrong. The Wolfhound (RE-J10) is a purpose-built replica of the Apollo Service Module Propulsion engine. The fact it's a massive powerhouse with rediculous ISP is what we're complaining about. The AJ-10 is pressure fed and hypergolic with an ISP of 319!
  11. Beautiful Where did you get the decals? Don't forget the black chines on Columbia
  12. So Blok E is the upper stage for Vostok, but the info on the upper stage for Voskhod seems a bit less clear. Is it just the same as the Soyuz 3rd stage? There's some mention of a Blok-L upper stage based on Molinya but this is the best image I can find Also, any plans to do the special fairing used for Vostok and Voskhod?
  13. I see what you did there Looks fantastic, Tantares goes from strength to strength! Keep it up
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