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  1. Not-so-ninja-edit @gc1ceo On the launchpad. Up up and away!
  2. I'm a personal fan of the AB Launchers Energia. It still works in 1.3 as far as I'm aware. I'll see if I can get any screenshots. @Beale has been teasing photos of a new Energia that will be part of Tantares but until then, AB is the best for the job IMO.
  3. KRE has a hinged wing: see this gif http://i.imgur.com/1kEozYY.gifv... now about those kitties
  4. Really love the grunge actually, it adds a little bit of character that I think the "sterile" parts sometimes lack
  5. "Over a 33 year period, over five hundred Zenits were flown making it the most numerous type of satellite in the history of spaceflight." Wow. Had no idea there were so many
  6. I would really love the antennas for the Kurs and Igla docking systems
  7. Seems that Zarya, has 4 pods of 2 types - 2 forward packs of 7 engines on either side of the docking module shown here, and 2 slightly smaller packs at the aft of 5 engines seen here just behind the side radiators. From this image, I can't see any other thrusters on the Zenith. Wikipedia is no help Looking at Kristall it appears to have the same thruster packs aft but slightly different fore thrusters
  8. This thread has been trawling Google looking for how the Soyuz rolls and now you want another?! I am so glad you asked for this because I hit the jackpot! Here you can see from these blueprints I found, Zvezda has 6 main groups of thrusters around her belt - 2 for Roll, 4 for Pitch and Yaw. The search for Prograde and Retrograde thrusters continues, unfortunately. Edit: The Pitch thruster packs are angled Prograde so maybe they were used? Maybe they used the big reboost engines for Prograde?
  9. Make sure the LES is attached to the Node hidden inside the Kane Command pod and you should be fine. Also make sure you're not triggering any other decouplers when you stage the LES. A normal mission should go Launch S1-C Engine ignition -> Burnout S1-C Retrorocket ignition and S1-C Decoupler staging SII Skirt Ullage motors fire SII Engines Ignition Stage LES SII Skirt burnout and stage SII Burnout, SII Conical decoupler stage (includes Retrorockets) SIVB Ullage motors fire SIV Engine Ignition -> Parking orbit SIV Engi
  10. BDB is intentionally balanced against stock parts so as not to be intentionally underpowered. Stock parts (and therefore BDB) are balanced for 2-3x solar systems so I would suggest using something like Sigma dimensions if you want the best experience. (I tried to find where Cobalt said as much but turned up Jack)
  11. There is an additional part that attaches to the top of the pod and allows parachutes to be added in 3-way symmetry - search PX-3 and you should find it. Overview Kane Launch Escape System Kane Docking probe Parachute adapter (and parachutes Command Module (Kane 11) Kane Heatshield Kane 2.5m Decoupler Kane Service Module (big one - Kane 11) Service Module propulsion system (also big one - Kane 11 SE-60) Lunar module adapter (which holds the LM (Sina)) has a node to attach to the Service Module engine S-IVB S-II
  12. According to this, there are 4 thrusters on the OM but I can't see them in any pictures
  13. Looking at this video of Soyuz approaching the ISS, it appears there are also linear thrusters on the top and bottom of the decoupler along with those new blocks you just made
  14. I will certainly do that, I'm a student too so it may be modest I have a lovely bottle of gin if you prefer Maybe a cone-shaped adapter for between the parachutes and small docking port?
  15. Lol, stay strong @CobaltWolfy Is the BDB Apollo CM deliberately less pointy than the real thing? Looking at pictures the CM tapers to a smaller point IRL Love your work as always
  16. Hey @CobaltWolf, I know you plan to make a number of Castor variants with Moar Solids, but I wondered, is Antares (and it's Castor) within the scope of this mod?
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