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  1. @Pak any plans to make shuttle launch clamps? Also, aren't the flaps on the shuttle tiled?
  2. Oops, forgot /s Does that mean there will be no official Bigelow collab mod?
  3. Whats the difference anymore? Initially I was a stock purist, now I have gone over to the dark side... Is there an ETA/Dev thread on it?
  4. All aboard! Choo choo mofos *KSP does not condone using the hype train for Reentry @Red Iron Crown are you going to add the screenshots of the @RoverDude BEAM from KSP TV since IIRC it will also be in the new update?
  5. It's okay CobaltWolf, but shouldn't you be racing Beale? I heard something about an N1-killing Module Manager Config? Btw playing around with different sizes of kerbol atm and can't quite get BDB to balance, is there a mod I'm missing? When I had stock I always had enough delta V to escape kerbin's SOI (early ones like vanguard), now I dont seem to have enough to get into orbit with historically accurate looking rockets? TL:DR what sort of solar system is BDB balanced for? Love your mod too btw
  6. Hardly a major bug, not really important in the slightest It's just my OCD playing up
  7. Hey MrMeeb (first post alert :-P). Just wanted to congratulate you on your quite frankly amazing mod, It is beautiful and I can't wait to see where it goes down the line. I made a forum account just to say thanks, thats how happy it makes me <3. On the other hand, KSP-AVC flags the mod as v0.11 and says "do you want to update?" even though I have the release in the OP. Am I missing something?
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