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  1. Yes, I did find the contract bug, but you fixed it before I got around to writing it up. This is cool. I particularly like the tech tree bits. Very nicely done. Squad should be impressed with what you've done to make their game more enjoyable for multi-players. Keep up the great work!
  2. Downloaded and it works! I like the way you deal with contracts and with sub-spaces. Wow. I think you may have succeeded in doing what a lot of others tried and failed to do...well, I haven't broken it yet. Way to go!
  3. Okay, my friends and I have been waiting...patiently...for an update. I stepped through your code and it seems to handle all data the same. That doesn't make much sense and may be why it is not working properly. We (Kerbleers) really want this to work. So...erm...progress?