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  1. Hi all, I'm currently in the works of mod and seem to be having difficulty with landing gear. The animation works but steering doesn't rotate the right way and suspension (not sure whats causing it) is causing the test craft to go kraken mode. I also have been following these tutorials: Here's the config file Here's the unity setup Here's it in game And here's it whilst steering Here it is after detaching from the launch clamp And this is what happens landing I have no idea what is happening Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I used Procedural Parts with some custom textures to make the livery and Nebula Decals for the tail and airline logo.
  3. So recently I have been getting into making custom aircraft and here is my first creation! And yes more airlines and aircraft coming soon.
  4. This looks amazing! One thing that would be cool would be kerbalized airlines. And also some tail plane and engine components would be awesome Keep up the amazing work!
  5. My Rockets 99% Mods, 1% Stock So these are some of my rocket recreations of real world rockets. These are just some of the recreations I do, the crafts I make use a few mods. Falcon 1 Boeing Starliner Soyuz MS Falcon 9 1.1 Falcon 9 FT Falcon 9 Block 5 Falcon Heavy Blue Origin New Shepard Mercury Redstone X-15 + B-52 If you've got any ideas on what else I should make, leave a comment! (They will be recreated and uploaded to my YouTube Channel) Thanks for reading!
  6. Does this mod require any other mod? Because I installed the mod and when I loaded up KSP the parts appeared and they would attached to other parts but I couldn't edit them by pressing J and the B9 button doesn't appear either. Did I install the mod correctly? Am I missing another mod?
  7. I looked through the forum and no one else is having the same problem and it doesn't say any dependencies needed.
  8. Like when the wing is attached to another part if so it says " Show wing data". I clicked on it and nothing happened also pressing J on the part doesn't work. Another thing is that the B9 button doesn't appear on the bottom right corner.
  9. So I recently installed B9 Procedural Wings for 1.4.3 and when I loaded ksp the parts appeared but I couldn't edit any of the wings. BTW I did install correctly according to this forum: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hey all I have been having some trouble with solar panels in ksp 1.3. Usually when you right click them it comes up with a tag saying "Extend Panels" but when I right click it now it comes up with nothing. This problem has been also happening with mods that use solar panels except SSTU (so far). However the solar panels that don't extend/retract still work. If anyone has any answers or ways to fix this problem please comment below.
  11. Hi everyone I'm having a bit of a problem with the KSP 1.3.1 every time I load up the game just before the menu screen the game crashes. During the loading screen it keeps coming up with messages saying incompatible mods. I've deleted the mods that it told me to but it still keeps crashing. If you have any suggestions please comment below.
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