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  1. Maybe. I think, that there was some issue with compatibility before, so I cannot promise anything.
  2. New KSP version? Again? BV has only one valid version of KSP, but generally it will work for all 1.12.x version. Regardless, rebuild is on its way.
  3. That limit is 0.25 m/s. The parking brake is switched off when a vessel is flying. It can be that there is some jump during scene load and vessel has flying state for a short period of time. This was added, because people forget to dissengage the barke and started a flight. It needs to be manually selected. It sets brakes on and brakes sets it off when they are released, but it's not set on by brakes. I think, that it wasn't assignable to action group from start.
  4. It counts every online motor. You can shut some of them off (you need at least two active) or as you did, throttle KF compatible wheels down. Karbonite generator isn't supported. To be precise, untested.
  5. There are checks for power dependent on consumption of active wheels (wheels with motor on), sufficient count of wheels (atleast three operable wheels touching ground) and if your target point is on land (rovers) or sea (ships). Also pathfinding checks accessibility of that point. You can't travel to another continent for example. There is the 10 second time limit to find a path to not block the game. You must choose a closer point sometimes, because of that. BV tries to move the rover a few meters above the terrain (you can change it in settings) every time it moves it, but you must be sure, that there isn't another vessel or building in that place when you switch to it. Also some rover designs tends to clip to the terrain, because BV considers a root part for determining correct height above terrain. So if you have a long rover, it can clip to some hill even if the root part is out of danger zone. One hint. If you are targeting another vessel, you can change latitude and longitude manually after a selection. Just edit the numbers for lat and long. It's usually enough to shave off decimal digits from these numbers to have enough room between the two vessels upon arrival.
  6. As always, nobody reads a manual (there is the link to the wiki page in OP)
  7. No. Craft in midflight is in a different state then a landed rover which is standing still. There are a lot of situations to solve. For example, what happens, if you switch to it during automatic travel? I see possibility of crash landing.
  8. BonVoyage update (as promised) 1.4.1 Changes Rebuild for KSP 1.12.3 Fixes Added support for NFE + System Heat You can find it on usual places - github and spacedock
  9. If you have save file before the rover started moving or when it was on the way, tahn you can switch to it and change a destination. You can edit latitude and longitude directly. If not, then you must edit the save file.
  10. Sorry, I missed your post. If you have a game without mods or only a few ones, than save file is ok. You don't find it, because I forgot to publish it. I don't know what happened around that time (some real life issue), but I'm sorry. Time to revise, update and publish it until end of week.
  11. https://github.com/jarosm/KSP-BonVoyage/wiki/How-to If you don't see UI icon with a rover image, then there is some problem with your installation. You also must see a new part for BonVoyage in Control tab.
  12. I don't know. You are the first, who asks this question. If some mods isn't in the list of supported mods, then use it at your own risk.
  13. I don't know, what happened (probably work), but I forgot, that it wasn't released. Yes, I can fix that. Thanks for information
  14. Sorry, I missed this. Disengaging is by design, because it caused problems when someone started flying with the break on, but it can be made optional.
  15. You can change spawn height above terrain in the settings. The heigt above terrain is set for a root part, so especially long rovers can clip to the terrain.
  16. Yes. You need to reload the scene to register the module. You can set the height offset in the BonVoyage settings.
  17. BonVoyage registers only the first module found on vessel to avoid errors. Which is the first probably depends on the build order.
  18. @Rodger I see it. One line is missing in the code, so avg speed isn't zero, when the rower has insuficient power.
  19. Hi. Not yet. Real life has a precedence, so I was forced to stop modding for a while. I still hope, that I will have more time for this in near future. Interesting. Is it stock or do you have some mods that can affect EC?
  20. Yes. Switch it on in the settings. Small "S" in the upper right corner of the main window.
  21. I will look into this. It can handle rovers, ships (this needs a little rework) and kerbals, so why not planes?
  22. Do you have a pilot as a driver by any chance? They are insane and has a bonus depending on their stars. If you mouse over the speed when setting path, then you can see the base speed and different bonuses and reductions.
  23. If you have electricity cheat on, then all checks are bypassed. I'm aware, that there are compatibility issues with other mods right now. I just needed a break to sort RL things. Please, be patient, I'm still here and an update is still planned
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