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  1. The download wont work. Fengist said he had some "Volunteers" working on it. It will take some time.
  2. Mod seems dead. Wish the download link still worked then this COULD be updated.
  3. I am having issues none of the parts are showing up please for the love of god don't post link to some forum is there like a video or some thing i can watch instead
  4. 1.2 is out. By any chance can I help with the carrier parts?
  5. Any link to the latest version(1.2 is out whooooo . What now?)
  6. Hmm i saw a arrestor hook thingie.Is it for show or is thier really a catapult and arrestor hook system on the carrier of yes give the link and the kraken shall spare you.
  7. I just read these couple of posts have a couple of questions.Is the aircraft carrier thing still alive if yes give ME!!!The arrestor thing could I have some thing more detailed or a video.The launching system any word on that? These are quoted for the above post forgot to add them
  8. Hello i have a question i cant find the wheels.I remember after reading a comment that they were taken out because they use kerbal foundries .If this is right could some one just post a separate link for the wheels (I have kerbal foundries).
  9. i am having a problem the hulls do not appear.could any one direct me to a detailed installing instructions or a video picture of directory: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5qbeOYXfkuJeTdLdXdyUmJOOTg
  10. Awesome way easier to make submarines(it was never hard).
  11. hello i have problem none of my parts show up can any one help me i have been having this issue with lots of other mods too is there any other mods that add a new flat cargo ramp?
  12. hello i have a problem i am n=missing all my parts can some one help
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