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  1. Hi all, does tweakscale scale up drag on parts? I created some space planes and found myself getting a ridiculous amount of delta-v in orbit. Without tweakscale, trying to just use wing strakes (just more of them) I'd hit drag barriers much quicker. e.g. Below is a science/mining space plane. The only part scaled was the fuel carrying Big-S wing strakes. It's getting 5400dv. small clipping using the smallest 1.25 tanks to mount engines to the wings, not really significant. Of note, is with rapiers, I'm blowing past 400m/s, on my way to orbit where without tweakscale, just using more strakes, I'll start slowing down from drag much easier. Some of my best mining SSTOs without tweakscale get just over 4000dv - and still won't handle as nicely getting past the Rapier speed threshold. The acceleration from nuclear engines looks about right, so it's not mass. Is drag the same as when the wings are not scaled?
  2. I use a VKB gladiator - It also ships under a couple other names. It's really just for planes, so since I use space planes a lot, it's perfect. That said, I've been just using my mouse a lot recently, since I mostly just need pitch on the analog axis. This mouse has a single joystick axis on a thumb button - I use that for pitch, It would be nice having roll on analog too, but it's not bad without.
  3. I really like this mouse - It has an actual joystick button - single axis though. The top button can rock left and right. the bottom thumb button while pressed doubles all buttons. Most of my KSP with this is just on the mouse hand. The only stuff I use the keyboard for with my other hand is really roll, staging, throttle (a/z/ctrl/shift), action groups, docking thrusters. I still use the other one, but it's out of convenience more often than not. Other than roll which is a pretty "at the time" kind of function, anything else, I can let go, press and reassert my hand. I think mapping roll to the mouse would be quite doable.
  4. Most of what I do is space planes. Capability for me is often tied to how much dv it has after getting to orbit - so a lot of mine are named "sp-xxxx blahblah" where xxxx is the about of dv remaining and blahblah is a more conventional name. like "sp-6100 podracer" would be a high dv space plane. "sp-3500 Kerbal Karrier" is a space plane with moderate dv for tourists etc. A lot of my rockets have been based off sub assemblies recently. So a descriptive name suffices - "science set 2.5m" has all the science stuff and a container in a 2.5m bay for example.
  5. Full contract completed, so yeah this looks like a bug. Thanks, I'll try that
  6. Are the tourists supposed to stay with you when you land and recover the vessel? Because I now have 32 tourists in my astronaut complex after completing a trip to my hotel.
  7. Oh beautiful! Thanks a million. Didn't realize there was a different menu there..
  8. In map mode, the dark side of planets is darker than ambient. If I'm on my vessel, ambient light is ok. Is there any way to override that so the ambient isn't affected?
  9. I found the mk3 parts heavy and prone to breaking. You can still use the larger drill and convert-o-tron without them. Did a video of my last trip to Laythe which includes building the spaceplane. For under 2.5 tons, you can have 3 crew, which means having an engineer. Drilling to refuel happens in a local day or two on Minmus, Laythe or Pol with one. Plane here : Rapiers + nukes are highly effective. I've found a ratio of 2:1/3:1 rapiers:nukes an effective balance. Engines are dead weight when in space, but not having enough rapiers means you may waste a lot of time and fuel getting up to speed, or just not leave the atmosphere with much speed, meaning more DV spent in closedcycle+nukes mode to LKO.
  10. If landing and braking is the only real shortfall of your craft, you can use a parachute to stop quickly on the runway, making the wobble something you can ignore.
  11. That works a bit. Also try to keep your rear on the runway. If it lifts when the front is still down, you'll spin out.
  12. Hi all, here's my take. I was able to land and take off. Granted my landing is a little unorthodox.
  13. Hmm A bit of both I believe. I hadn't paid it much notice. Looking at the before and after docking, the dv dopped by 42. While I am using main thrusters for docking, 42 is a lot for that. I generally use 0.5-1.5m/s when docking. Assuming multiple tries, say 15-20dv ? The station orbit change of ~5k average to ~12k was maybe 10-20 dv. Running the station thrusters looks like it pulled fuel from both. I haven't changed crossfeed settings.
  14. I thing the most annoying is when science or tech is explained completely wrong. "if you magnetize a nail with a battery, it holds a charge" Amazing spiderman 2 I facepalmed so hard. Not sure if I was more sad that this was in a big budget movie, or if a high school physics blunder went over most people's head.