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  1. It seems like this issue was fixed in the github repo but no work has been done in months. Can someone fork it and release a binary? I'd really rather not use hacky ocean patches to fix this problem when the at fault code was removed in the repo. Edit: Hours after I posted this, the mod officially had an update released.
  2. Are there any known issues with remotetech on 1.7.3? I've got both installed and everything was fine inside the kerbin SOI but I just launched my first vessel for duna and can no longer control it. I've got the J15-D comm dish. I have two on a vessel inside the kerbin SOI as my "relay". It's connected to KSC with one dish, and to my active vessel/duna vessel (tried both) with another. The distance shows my duna vessel is well within the range. Yet when I switch the duna vessel, I have no control. I have electricity, the dish itself says "connected", but I can't control my vessel anymore. It's as if the SOI is a boundary. I'm going to try next time with official remotetech dishes and see what happens. Edit: I tried with a remote-tech Communotron HG-55 and do not have the same issue. I put a new relay satellite up with one pointed at a new test probe with the same dish and even after I left SOI I had signal. The moment I switched to the satellite with the J15-D I lost connection. I immediately switch to that J15-D sat and it was powered, had signal, and said my test probe was in range. Definitely appears to be related to the J15-D, unless I'm missing something.
  3. You're right. Sorry I missed that. I found it. I tried the QuickSearch mod but it did nothing helpful.
  4. Which node is it usually in? I've focused on all of the command module/science/habitation nodes but even poked around in the aero/nuclear/probe nodes. I'm trying to get the QuickSearch mod working so I can search the tech tree, but I've never had this much trouble finding something.
  5. Has the Hokulani science lab been removed? I added Bluedog to a new 1.7.3 install with some other mods and I can't find it anywhere. It's possible I've missed it but I spent an hour looking through every node.
  6. In 1.7.3, craft with Bluedog probe parts bug out when they explode due to re-entry. I started a new playthrough and freshly installed some mods and when a craft with a Bluedog probe gets too hot it doesn't actually explode. I noticed that the staging UI on the left vanishes, the map view no longer shows a vessels, the craft no longer slows down due to drag, but the graphics start glitching (clipping and vertex weirdness) and it will continue into orbit forever. I can't say for sure it's a Bluedog bug, I have other mods, but so far it's only parts that do it. The vanilla probe cores don't have this issue.
  7. I would greatly appreciate a new mod that auto-transmits science when a science lab gets close to being full. Although for me, it would have to work with mod science labs too like the Bluedog Design Hokulani Orbital Workshop, etc. I love using the labs but it gets so annoying having to break up my interstellar missions by unwarping every 20 days, switching to the lab, transmitting, switching back, etc. Heavily modded KSP isn't exactly fast at that process anyway.
  8. Using v1.27.1 - I have a fully upgraded mission control (v1.6.1) but am somehow still limited to 15 trivial, 12 significant, 8 exceptional contracts. I'm not aware of any other mod that's limiting this, I certainly haven't chosen them. Am I missing something simple or is there a bug somewhere? I have 80% rep. Maybe I'm forgetting how default KSP works but this definitely isn't "unlimited active contracts".
  9. Just tried again and had the same result. The vessel name was the same, classified as a probe.
  10. My probe core is the same, yes. I launched the prob, staged/detached the first stage rocket, got into orbit, de-orbited, detached the second stage, and my probe core re-entered with the heat shield, chutes deployed, and landed on kerbin safely. Yet the "landed" portion of the contract remained unchecked.
  11. Having some trouble with the "orbit kerbin" contract. Used a stock probe, the stable orbit worked fine and got a green check, but the landing failed to get recognized. I landed on kerbin, intact/safely, etc. I am using remote tech and the chutes deployed when safe but I had long dropped connection for an automated re-entry. Maybe that was a factor? I need probe control all the way to ground? Maybe I missed something else basic or is there a known issue/mod incompat?
  12. I removed all mods except ETT, ModuleManager, and this, and with a new game, it worked fine. I saw the ETT tree, no empty nodes. I started a new game with all my mods in (plus ETT and this), and all worked fine. I opened my save game (where it broke before), and it's working now. So it seems like you're right, it's only sometimes.
  13. I just tried using this with ETT for KSP 1.4.x. With this installed, I simply got the default tech tree. Without this, and just ETT, ETT worked fine. Will this work with ETT for 1.4 still? Does this only work when I started a new game with it installed or can it be applied to an ETT game in progress?
  14. I'm considering this mod for my next career playthrough, so I downloaded it for KSP 1.4.5, read through the wiki/docs/KSPedia, but am unclear on which stats are affected by flight experience. (Note, I have correctly enabled the mod via the "parts break" option). I put together a very basic Mk1 command pod/liquid engine rocket, flew it, landed, recovered, multiple times, but I never see any increases in quality for future uses of those same parts. I tried a static fire test too. Only through the test bench can I see an increase in stats. I also never had any actual failures. I've only flown five missions or so with a very low number of parts, but I assumed very early game would have a very high failure rate.