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  1. capt: scarlet

    Question!! Why do my probes, DIE At reaching DUNA

    Thanks guys, i'll give up on duna for now I'll build space station MUN/MINMUS I have a triangle of relays round Mun. and i'll work on a
  2. Me too popped up Sunday eve, same as member SIRAD
  3. capt: scarlet

    Question!! Why do my probes, DIE At reaching DUNA

    Thanks Guys, I checked last night i have line of sight, Ihave elec,battery power Antena's Fuel. my rescue craft has control (pilot) with 2 RELAYS, POWER, STACK OF BATTS, and is close to Duna but Duna probe is dead, so i will chek the error logs tonight. Thank you all for your thoughts.
  4. capt: scarlet

    Question!! Why do my probes, DIE At reaching DUNA

    Thanks Ill check orbit but i have 2 relays 4 antenas I coppied marcus house build of 2 identical only 1 with landing legs the other was to be a satalite. thanks for your advice.
  5. capt: scarlet

    Docking more difficult since update

    My problem Guys is that Iv lost confidence with Thruster positioning it seem all thrusters keep correcting at once, Should i use the 4way Ones wich i need for forward & reverse , i only use 2 of them (12 o'clock & 6 o'clock) then the Pod type for left & right Up & down * in total. Is this wrong when we had the docking camera film (realistic docking 1.2) I could dock first tikme every time with this set up...but not Now
  6. Hi Guys , any one help I guess its the new line of sight green line that i can see ( Kerbal to Minmus) where i have a base, I can only orbit Duna with a pilot God knows how i will get Her back.. I sent my own build up to Duna with those big Things that look like Salalite dishes on the side hoping they would relay a signal but..did not work, So i gues its a rescue mission tonight. PS also I down loaded the Docking addon but i get a message Incompatible use 1.3 ???. I do Miss the realistic docking camera the 6.8.1 is ok But its not as good as before the 1.3 patch.
  7. was working fine 2 nights ago ready to go back to minmus after a year off or when ever the 1.3 came out, when all mods stopped working but the only mod i had was Module manager for live docking camera, got right back into it( with out camera) But just Now message on load up asking for 1.3?? any advice guys thx...
  8. capt: scarlet

    !!HELP!! GUYS No Prob control ??

    All sorted old post !!Uncheck / enable networks..all prob's back on line.....tin- ta net
  9. capt: scarlet

    !!HELP!! GUYS No Prob control ??

    Thanks man I was hoping it was simple..where is the setting for network i used to have green lines all over the place and i did remove them, can you remind me where to look thanks, my games currently
  10. So having a control-less prob Now orbiting the sun, I gave up watched Marcus House tutorial Duna and back, built craft just like Marcus. followed his every move got my encounter, But then NO PROB Control in red top screen. I m playing stock. same as last year got to duna and landed no probs, is it a setting iv touched somhowe. thanks in advance.. Brian
  11. capt: scarlet

    What features in a DLC would you happily pay for?

    I would love a proper Space shuttle complete with a working HUD for re-entry documentation on speed at R/E where landing strip should be in relation to craft, iv seen a few on you tube but very hit and miss Plus the working Docking camera (kupps)was it called use to work before the may error message Hang?/
  12. I thought i'd turned off beta up grade in steam, after the may crash/ send error message to team?? took MM out and re run 1.2.2 But now I noticed on boot up ( bottom right corner ) it shows 1.3...18??) does this mean Squad is being updated?? I;d like to no what mods work,, camera's docking, im not keen on the present docking assistant, not life like enough... regards Brian
  13. capt: scarlet

    Missions through Game versions

    an example of my experience. I v learnt though Scott Manley vids and i have built Mun bases, minmuss bases, ISS orbiting kerbal, and many rescues, then 1.3 came out and nothing worked, i started again no mods 1.3 but things did not work as before, last night Got Steam to look at old 1.2.2 instead, So now i have started again from scratch to improve on my skills. its fun starting again, but i never ventured past duna any way theres so much to achieve closer to Kerbal. happy flying. Oh and all this fun without even going to the Plane hanger, one big head ache that
  14. Yes maybe ,but last night have printed out a copy of How to get steam to look at 1.2.2 and NO Betas, it worked fine again, all 5 engines running on 4 tanks, happy days.
  15. Well it all ways worked before Last week, and get this last night i took of all fuel pipes all 5 engines on after take off I switched off main rocket??? and still the tank started to empty??? i have decided to go back to 1.2.2 I have just printed off How to for steam. But thanks for your reply.