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  1. !!HELP!! GUYS No Prob control ??

    All sorted old post !!Uncheck / enable networks..all prob's back on line.....tin- ta net
  2. !!HELP!! GUYS No Prob control ??

    Thanks man I was hoping it was simple..where is the setting for network i used to have green lines all over the place and i did remove them, can you remind me where to look thanks, my games currently
  3. So having a control-less prob Now orbiting the sun, I gave up watched Marcus House tutorial Duna and back, built craft just like Marcus. followed his every move got my encounter, But then NO PROB Control in red top screen. I m playing stock. same as last year got to duna and landed no probs, is it a setting iv touched somhowe. thanks in advance.. Brian
  4. What features in a DLC would you happily pay for?

    I would love a proper Space shuttle complete with a working HUD for re-entry documentation on speed at R/E where landing strip should be in relation to craft, iv seen a few on you tube but very hit and miss Plus the working Docking camera (kupps)was it called use to work before the may error message Hang?/
  5. I thought i'd turned off beta up grade in steam, after the may crash/ send error message to team?? took MM out and re run 1.2.2 But now I noticed on boot up ( bottom right corner ) it shows 1.3...18??) does this mean Squad is being updated?? I;d like to no what mods work,, camera's docking, im not keen on the present docking assistant, not life like enough... regards Brian
  6. Missions through Game versions

    an example of my experience. I v learnt though Scott Manley vids and i have built Mun bases, minmuss bases, ISS orbiting kerbal, and many rescues, then 1.3 came out and nothing worked, i started again no mods 1.3 but things did not work as before, last night Got Steam to look at old 1.2.2 instead, So now i have started again from scratch to improve on my skills. its fun starting again, but i never ventured past duna any way theres so much to achieve closer to Kerbal. happy flying. Oh and all this fun without even going to the Plane hanger, one big head ache that
  7. Yes maybe ,but last night have printed out a copy of How to get steam to look at 1.2.2 and NO Betas, it worked fine again, all 5 engines running on 4 tanks, happy days.
  8. Well it all ways worked before Last week, and get this last night i took of all fuel pipes all 5 engines on after take off I switched off main rocket??? and still the tank started to empty??? i have decided to go back to 1.2.2 I have just printed off How to for steam. But thanks for your reply.
  9. Can you down-grade to 1.2.2?

    many thanks for this I too have had enough of KSP not working especially my Docking camera since last weeks up grade. thank again life
  10. kotterboss games/ docking camera/ will it be updated

    its the most realistic part of all space planing in my reckoning, i have just deleted the 1.3 version i put on last night. lol. Such a shame
  11. How to stop plane falling onto runway/ from hanger

    Ok guys I'll take on board what you all suggest ...makes sense, but i think i'll stick to moon landings who needs planes Brian
  12. Need Advice Guys!! plz

    many thanks on the Hullcam i'll give that a look, as for the pics upload seem like hassle to me Not IT LIT/ lol
  13. Since last weeks crash I had to delete my Module manager as i had Kotterboss games docking camera, last night i downloaded a 1-3 compatible one, but in all honesty its not a patch on the one i had so realistic, i should no My Dad got me up to watch the LIVE 1969 docking 03.00hrs london time. lol
  14. Need Advice Guys!! plz

    Iv been flying to Mun Minmuss and the red planet, it was all working fine till last week, I have 3 identical rockets, the main has a swivel engine with the other two on the sides are none swivel, fuel from left tank to main, same for the right tank, works fine, even with four as shown by Scott Manley, even my docking camera Iv had to delete, to make KSP work. i would love to show you my set up but dont no how to attach pics. Doh!!
  15. Need Advice Guys!! plz

    ok thanks were can i get an up graded Module manager from..?? cant remember were i got the original>>