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  1. I just started playing again and immeadiately installed the mod again. However I see the lingering issue of the slight stutter when completing experiments is still present. I tried overwriting the .dll recommended in this post at the top of the page: The problem still remains. Is there another workaround? EDIT: Oh, it only took the first part of that post, not sure why that is, anyway the post is at the top of this page. It had a version for 1.4.2 but another post said it worked for the latest version.
  2. Alexology

    [1.3.x] Kerbin Side GAP

    Hi there, I'm not sure if this is a GAP issue or a Kerbal Konstructs issue but I have no ground stations to unlock. I think it may be more of a KK issue and I have posted on their topic too but I figured someone here was likely to have had the same issue. So in detail: I have KK and Kerbin Side GAP (no other KerbinSide mods). The KSC appears with the KK icon. There is only one other landing spot that can be purchased on the other side of Kerbin. There are no ground stations to purchase. There are no other launch pads. This is a new career so I am not sure on whether DSN is working from the other ground stations. Any and all help appreciated. EDIT: Got it, I was missing Kerbin Side Core + Continued.
  3. Myself and a friend have just started a new career. We are playing separately but installing the same mods, we have both installed KK but are both having the same issue. When we go into the tracking station there are only 2 stations/launchpads in total. There is the KSC and a second launchpad on the other side of the planet. There are not others. I tested with various settings in new saves and also in a sandbox game but there are no other stations in any configuration that I could think of. Any ideas on what the issue is? What data would you like for me to provide to help identify the issue? EDIT: I got it, I was missing the KerbinSide Core and Continued mods. Seems to be working now.
  4. Excellent, thanks for the info. It seems to be counting down.
  5. I have just put a probe into orbit for a Mag and Plasma orbit mission. I have checked all of the boxes of the mission bar one: -Maintain proper orbit for 75 days. I am in the orbit required (0.20 + eccentricity & 18.0 + inclination) however there is no countdown on the time. Have I done something wrong or will it complete automatically after 75 days? Or have I just missed something entirely?
  6. Salivating increases..... I'll hunt it up now, any idea which page it is on? EDIT: never mind I found it. I didn't realise he had so few posts. Thanks for the help, I'll report back in a few minutes. Yep that got it, praise KRAKEN! This issue has been killing the game for me, Vodoo and John, thanks so very much for your help.
  7. Hmm, I just came here to report what might be the exact same issue. When I complete an experiment there is a brief stutter using both here and now and the [x] window. Is the advice that you gave to that other gentleman what I am looking for? I have a fresh install of KSP and have removed all mods except [x] and the issue remains.
  8. Is this mod is in circulation? I was using it in the previous version and that ProbeCore slim is on 2 station parts at the moment! I can't find a new version and so those ships are being removed as soon as I load up in the new KSP verion. I am happy to wait if it is being worked on but I just wanted to make sure whether or not I needed to start looking for a different solution.
  9. Hi there, I had this installed but still being early career I had not really given it much of a look. However it was the cause of a problem that I was not able to identify for quite a while. So firstly I did not see a button in my game to access the settings but as I say it was early career and it may have been there. I have about 100 mods installed so I can't really be sure that it was or was not there. Anyway the main problem was that it removed my ground stations, I was informed on reddit that this was a feature and once I uninstalled the mod the stations returned. However since I was not able to enter a settings menu I was not able to alter this to my liking in game and had to remove the mod instead. Is this a known issue or was I just missing the button somewhere? I'd like to use the mod if I can but without access to settings I will not be able to really utilise it correctly.
  10. Alexology

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Is homesickness just a hard limit? I can increase my habitation but I don't know how to affect homesickness. There surely must be something or else long range missions would be impossible. Am I missing something perhaps? I understand in the settings various things can be turned on and off, is it possible to turn off homesickness but leave on habitation? Unless I am missing how it works that would be my solution.
  11. Alexology

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Right so in that case I would have to attach them to the hull, interesting. I'll report back once I get in game in a few hours.
  12. Alexology

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Ahhh, so you think that it can't see what is in the inventory? Right so if they were in a container the game might recognise that they exist. That makes allot of sense, I'll test that when I get home later on today. Thanks for that, I need to get that to work so I can do an ambitious early career Mun mission. EDIT: sorry I quoted the wrong post there. Meant to be Rover's. Anyway, thanks Rover!
  13. Alexology

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    I always feel inadequate asking any questions about mods online, clearly the answers are out there but I can't seem to find them. I guess when you have such a beloved mod the questions begin to repeat. Anyway if you will indulge me. I have read a few guides and while they explain I broad strokes my problem is so simple I can't figure the damn thing out. I am using in conjunction with the KIS inventory mod. I have a command module with two Kerbals, I add supplies to the command module seat inventory but my Kerbals don't have access to those supplies at launch. I am still limited to 15 days. This is an early career game so I do not have access to any greenhouses yet and I have limited habitation solutions. However I am sure I'm doing something wrong with the supplies. Is there a guide on the most basic aspects of how to use this mod? Or can someone explain how to get the supplies to work?
  14. Sorry I could not find this anywhere but there are 101 pages to read through. I am using a fair number of mods so I wanted to ask before I added this. Will this fit in with the community tech tree?
  15. Alexology

    [1.5.x] Community Tech Tree (Oct 16)

    Dang I just came back to KSP after a break only to find that there has been a bug fix and now several mods are not working again (or at least are not on CKAN, this is not a complaint). Can I use the Github version/space dock version in 1.2.1?