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  1. You can also add automation to your antennas. Configure at least one of them to extend on connection lost.
  2. Kerbalism, and all other mods with radiation, could definitely use a proper shadow shield. Thing is, for that to work radiation has to have a source from which it propagates, so that line-of-sight can be used to determine if something is shielded or not. AFAIK radiation in kerbalism is just a number used in some equations. Nertea was working on it at some point (not as part of Kerbalism though) - see
  3. Does the same >1yr apply to Scouts or are they completely immune?
  4. I have MKS and USI-LS installed. From what I can see in the docs, Pilots should be immune to habitation running out turning them into tourists. All my pilots, both veterans and regular, do however turn into tourists as soon as hab timer runs out (they have plenty of supplies left). Is that a bug or intended behavior?
  5. The version that's in CKAN works perfectly fine with KSP 1.3 English. Don't know if something could break in other languages.
  6. It looks like the 1.2 version crashes 1.3 (not too surprising). I did a quick recompile for 1.3 and that seemed to do the trick. Won't upload the DLL as this doesn't really look abandoned. It's easy to build yourself if you really want to.
  7. Got to Vessel config when in flight scene, switch to cfg tab, make sure a little red X is displayed by the messages you don't want to interrupt your warp.
  8. Latest release has the internal stock antennas on probes. Is that on purpose?
  9. Don't think it's silly TBH, and I don't want to interfere with default balance as I think @ShotgunNinja is doing excellent job on keeping it right where it should be. Reason why I disagree is that the pod is just part of the spacecraft. You are expected to have more bits on it. I'm perfectly fine with pod being only able to sustain the crew for a limited time, like during the re-entry and landing phase. Saying that, I do think that this mod lacks some external life support parts. If you use KPBS I recommend taking the circular cargo thingy and attaching some life support modules there.
  10. I think it would be nicer if larger capsule meant more space for ECLSS systems like scrubbers. So the new 7 kerbal pod from NFT would get twice the ECLSS slots as the 3 kerbal pod. Unfortunately that requires some explicit mod support work. I will be doing a pass over life support config on the mods I'm using in near future, and will share my patches via a pull request (unless someone does this before me ;))
  11. Could be something related to how the model is set up, though I can't really help you with that. Parts, animations, and textures are a bit of a black magic to me.
  12. You commented out just one line, leaving rest of the module config just hanging - the properties themselves probably wouldn't be a problem (as they would be attached to the part itself, though name might cause a conflict), but that closing brace is definitely throwing off the parser. To properly disable light comment out ALL the lines starting from MODULE { and ending with the line with corresponding closing }. //MODULE { // name = ModuleLight// lightName = Spotlight// useAnimationDim = true// lightBrightenSpeed = .3// lightDimSpeed = .4// resourceAmount = 0.04// animationName = jrdockingport// useResources = true// } Or just delete the whole thing.
  13. No memory problems. I run KSP 64bit, have 32GB of RAM, and the only memory hog in my mod list is Stock Visual Terrain and Stock Visual Enhancements (off now due to Scatterer being broken). I play with very little mod parts, and with lots of quality of life improvements. Biggest mods I use are Kerbalism, pretty much everything by Nertea except Spaceplane Mk IV (I can't fly planes), KIS, KAS, KPBS, Feline Rovers, Surface Experiment Pack. Also used to play with Ven's Stock Revamp but that got problems in 1.2 - there's a new release so I'll probably give it a try again (love that inflatable habs for Kerbalism!). I don't use USI mods or Pathfinder, even though I really want some nice (more Kerbalism-style) way to have permanent colony somewhere. Hullcam is not really in conflict - both mods do very different things. The whole thing is explained in https://github.com/ShotgunNinja/Kerbalism/issues/66 If you install Hullcam manually it will work, you'll just get some exceptions and some things MIGHT break in strange ways. Don't seek support on the forum if you do that though. KURS is in ckan, it's just not marked as compatible with 1.2.whatever we have now. There is an option in ckan ui to enable installing mods marked for previous revisions. Can't point you exactly where as I don't have the UI in front of me.
  14. You really need to list all the mods you are using for anyone to be able to help you. I run with around 90 ckan mods and have no problems You can see the list of supported mods in https://github.com/ShotgunNinja/Kerbalism, but there are tons of additional patches in https://github.com/ShotgunNinja/Kerbalism/tree/master/GameData/Kerbalism/Support You can see what changes are done to mods when Kerbalism is installed by reading those. Mods that implement similar mechanics to Kebalism are most likely to cause an issue, off the top of my head: USI-LS, USI-MKS, RemoteTech, Snacks! (maybe)
  15. You can change what happens when an event (like out of power) happens in the vessel monitor window. You need to click on the "CFG" thing at the bottom. See https://github.com/ShotgunNinja/Kerbalism/wiki/GUI for more instructions.
  16. @APlayer thank you! I'm a noob to KSP modding, mostly learn stuff by looking at cool patches in big mods like Kerbalism, USI, NFT, and Ven's Stock Revamp. IRL though, teaching other people to code (MM is not coding though) is a large part of my job, so hopefully I do something right
  17. @alaxandir not difficult at all. Let's dissect the JX2Antenna patch as example. All explaining comments are after // (which indicates a comment) and in green (as it's simply the best). You can actually copy-paste the whole stuff below to a cfg and it should work. All 3rd party support patches for Kerbalism go into Support directory, with one .cfg per mod. https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki/Module-Manager-Syntax are docs for MM, and have some pointers below. When you look at most antennas, you'll see that pretty much everything but the part name and actual stats is boilerplate config - you can get away with copy-pasting one of the patches and just pointing it at the right mod/part ;). Once you're happy with the results of your work share it with the community! Best way to do that is to make a pull request on github, as it allows easy code review and a conversation between ShotgunNinja and you if something is not entirely right. I think some patches were posted here as well, but it's more work to integrate them if you have to copy paste from a forum post. One thing you should keep in mind - Kerbalism is 'free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.' see https://github.com/ShotgunNinja/Kerbalism/blob/master/LICENSE. If you're submitting any work to that mod it will be released under that licence. So if you don't like your work to be in public domain, don't submit it.
  18. I started working on support for OS antennas, don't know when will submit a patch. I don't really like the stats on those antennas in base mod, as they are very, very light compared to the advertised range. What I'm doing is making them have high range but low bandwidth to compensate for low weight. You can always write your own MM patches to add support of course. If you want a nice long range antenna, that's balanced ok on mass/range/bandwidth see JX2Antenna Kerbalism already has full support for it.
  19. @ragusila you can't edit profiles via MM patches. See https://github.com/ShotgunNinja/Kerbalism/pull/56#issuecomment-271663949, with relevant bit here for your convenience. Easiest way to achieve what you want seems to be making a copy of default profile, adjusting the values you want using a text editor, and simply using that profile instead of the Default one.
  20. Two PRs for better NFT support are up on github. Also couple of issues I've spotted while working on the patches. I couldn't find a way to add the RPH process to the default profile without editing it explicitly - is there even a way to "extend" a profile in another file?
  21. Seems NFT actually has a Cryogenic atmosphere separator already, so I think that reusing that part and just switching it to Kerbalism's atmospheric filter should work.
  22. I would also like to improve support for NFT, by adding chemical processes to get the resources used by that mod. We can already get Hydrogen, but I don't see any way to get Xenon, Lithium, or Argon with Kerbalism. Lithium looks to be "easy" to get - pull in some brine with it, evaporate water. Or, based on the first page of this https://www.jstor.org/stable/74829?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents, apply pyrohydrolisis. So that would make Ore + Water + EC to get lithium. Xenon and Argon seem to come from air via distillation. So maybe atmospheric filter -> CondensedAir fake resource or something like that -> ISRU distillation? What are your thoughts on this?
  23. @ShotgunNinja is Kerbalism supposed to remove KerbNet completely? I see some parts that do have it removed and lots of parts that still keep it. If kerbnet is supposed to be disabled I'll send you PRs for all the stuff I've spotted. And what about ModuleAsteroidDrill - ModuleResourceHarvester is replaced with Harvester but ModuleAsteroidDrill is untouched.