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  1. Hey guys, I have a doubt. I have some kerbals in space stations and landed on Duna. If I install this mod they`ll be affect and need the supplies? Thanks.
  2. Great tutorial @Crabman! Just what i was looking for! Thanks for your help. Valeu
  3. I did some more testing and found out that all the crafts that are in a planet/moon SOI, I can load without any problem. All the crafts that are in sun SOI present the problem. I have some crafts transferring to others planets. In the tracking station, I chose one, fast forward till it entered Duna SOI, then I clicked Fly, and voilá! No problem at all! So i concluded that it may not be a mod problem, because only crafts in sun SOI have this problem!
  4. Same problem here. I use CKAN, win10 64 bits, and i found this same issue on my crash logs. Couldn't find any fix yet!
  5. I have the same problem! Take a look at he pictures below. picture of my problem picture of my problem 2 output log rar I have launched many probe missions to orbit the sun, Duna, Eve. I`ve put them in flight to theirs targets, used Kerbal Alarm Clock to alert me when maneuver is approaching. While they were in transfer to theirs respective targets, I continued to play, doing short duration missions, building space stations, etc. Many weeks or months (game time) later i loaded one craft, and the problem appeared. All of them are in Sun SOI. Seems very similar to Zhetaan description. I have CKAN with many mods, running KSP 1.1.3 64 bits. Everything is up to date.
  6. I'm having the same issue here. When I load a (some, not all) craft from the tracking station, the craft, hud and everything else appears normally, but a few seconds later the screen goes black. And then appears the KJR physics load, or something like that. On the debug console, I have lots of `looking rotation viewing vector is zero`, `dT is NaN! tA: NaN, errors related to some mods. Anyone found any fix? I`m running KSP version 1.1.3 64bits, CKAN with lots of mods.
  7. hey guys, I`m having some problems when I load some crafts from the tracking station, and this is what happens: black screen with debug mode Apparently is an issue related to Ven`s mod, but that`s only a guess because I don't understand the error logs. output_log This problem appeared a few days ago, out of nothing. The game continues to run (sometimes it crashes to desktop) and I can return to Space Center, but the screen is black as well. The craft I`ve select before now disappeared form tracking station. I tried the solution Rob2222 posted above (remove the `%` before `MODEL`), but it didn't work. I appreciate any help. Thanks.
  8. So, i took a print screen with debug mode, and the last erros prior to crash was in VenStockRevamp mod. Can I assume that`s the problem? Print screen with debug mode output_log If I remove this mod I`m going to lose all my crafts that were built with that mod, but would it solve the problem?
  9. That's the problem Dmam979, I can load any craft without any problem.
  10. I'm not 100% sure, but i believe i didn't remove any mod. When I load a craft that is missing a mod, it explodes, but my problem is that sometimes it doesn't (as you can see the picture above). If I load a craft that is missing some parts at VAB, will it load? I launched a craft the same as the one already in transfer, put it in orbit, quit the game, returned to game, selected it from the tracking station, clicked fly and it worked. But the craft that`s already in transfer continue to crash. Thank you for your help.
  11. Hi there, I`m having a big problem that appeared a few days ago. I`m not sure if the problem is with CKAN, a mod, or a game issue, so I`m posting here. I have CKAN for some weeks now, with lots of mods, running both the game and CKAN on 64 bits, everything up to date. It was running relatively well, with minor problems, like some kind of brief “lag” every 10 seconds during the missions. But a real problem showed up: the game crashes when I fly a ship from the tracking station. KSP: 64bits Problem: game crashes (or ship explode) when I select it from the tracking station e click fly. Mods installed: approximately 60 CKAN mod list 1 CKAN mod list 2 Reproduction steps: I have some satellites transferring to another planets; i use alarm clock mod to alert me when the maneuver node is near; when the alarm went off to alert a maneuver, I clicked the tracking station, selected the respective satellite, clicked Fly; a load screen showed up quickly, then the normal screen with the all the icons appeared, but the ship doesn’t appear, instead, only a black screen (a few times the ship exploded soon after the loading screen and crashes to desktop). At this point, the game doesn’t respond; I press Esc, return to Space Station and it’s all black, but the icons of the buildings are there, and if I click on any, it`ll open the respective building. So I open the tracking station and the satellite is not there anymore. If a load a game, the satellite reappears. I have tried with others satellites but the problem persists. Picture of the screen after loading the ship from Tracking Station output log Error logs generated after crashing That`s it, I hope you can help me. Thank you.