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  1. I observe this photo, the shuttle is pretty evenly lit. I propose an approximation to create the lighting effect from exhaust. Another motivation is that current Engine Lighting mode is to add point light source per engine. When the number of engines is high, the frame rate is low. My proposed idea: 1 Add only one light source for all engines, instead of one point light source per engine This can prevent lag by adding too many light sources when there are many engines 2 This added light source should have a virtual position which can be attached below the center of thrust. And this added light source has both ambient light source and point light source properties. Entire scene, which includes ground and the rocket, is lit by the light source with decline according to distance square, like point light source. However, the lit pixels disregard the cosine effect between incident direction and surface normal direction, like an ambient light source.
  2. I have a question: Is the model of Phobos left-right reversed? Or it is just reversed by telescope optical mechanism? The Phobos of RSS in 1.3.1: The image of Phobos:
  3. With some modifications, this mod can run with KSP 1.2.2. I use exalosm's mod to replace the Pluto minor moons of RSS Ex, and this mod runs well. (Please comment the GameData\RSSExpansion\000-RSSPatches.cfg Line 148~156!) Here is the exalosm's Pluto moons: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0L7tcgfuAt2Rk1TWGtBUHF0YUk/edit And here is his Pluto mission vedio:
  4. I just try this mod with RSS in KSP 1.2.2. It does not work, the game enters the infinite loop before entering KSC.
  5. I play KSP 1.3. When the game is loading, I always see that 1 error is found in GameData\CommunityTechTree\CommunityTechTree.cfg . I don't know why, but this mod seems to be fine
  6. I do have connection with Kerbin by relay networks, but the KerbNet is still broken. I go for SCANsat mod, and it is much more powerful than KerbNet. Despite the KerbNet problem, OPM is playable in KSP 1.3. And I highly recommend it.
  7. I just try to play OPM in KSP 1.3. And I think I encounter a problem or bug. The KerbNet is broken now, and it worked before I installed the OPM. Thus, I am sure it is caused by OPM. The error message on the KerbNet is: KerbNet is Offline. Please ensure that you are accessing KerbNet with a compatible scanning mode. On the other hand, Ore scanners are all ok. I think I missing some mod for biome map. Maybe I need to install SCANsat.
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