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  1. So basically I found that beauty of a mod and decided I want to try and revive it. The problem is I have never made any mods ever. I have had a look through the code and I believe I roughly understand it and I almost got it ported to 1.3.1 from 1.2.2. But it failed. Only pixelated cloud textures show on earth and it just shows the normal planet textures rather than making them go blank when it ran on 1.2.2. I am not sure if I can provide a GitHub link but I would really like this mod working with 1.3.1 so I can use it with Textures Unlimited. If you guys can help me to get it working I would like to try and Revive to mod to add more planets to it. I have already contacted nasa to get perms for use of super high res textures.
  2. Hey Pizzaoverhead.

    I have two inquiries, in fact they are both so important that I created an account just for this reason.

    The first: I have tried to install collision fx on ksp 1.4.5(or less likely 1.4.2, I'm in not 100% sure) and I made sure I copied the root folder across not just the gamedata folder but it still didn't work. Do you know what may be the problem?


    The second and more important: I myself can do some basic ksp parts mods but nothing that uses actual scripting and fx. So when I saw a way to improve AVP and even Realism Overhaul to perfection for those that have decent computers. I contacted a maintainer of AVP as the original author abandoned it but he said he wasn't interested. The idea is basic wind/weather and lightning as the main focus. So for example when ur ship enters jools atmosphere the clouds get more and more dense and lightning flash on the horizen and around you becomes more common until your ship gets struck by lightning and gets destroyed or overheats. Another part that I would like to be part of a mod is wind, so that in jool your ship is buffeted around and loose parts will fly off as you fly deeper into the atmosphere. So, in short I want someone to make a mod that adds wind, lightning, rain and maybe even snow and storms. After remembering this mod that is focused on graphical effects I thought you would be the right person to turn to for help considering that you have made the collision fx mod and the rentery effects mod that you would be able to make(hopefully at least the lightning and wind) the mod that would perfect KSP for everyone and will add new challenging things to think about such as your duna rescue ship drifting in the atmosphere or getting lost in a dust storm.


    That's all and I hope you take this up very much!

    Many thanks, Footsiefat.


    Contact: Discord Jeremy_Clarkson_Fan#1772