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  1. Best news of the week and probably lost weekend - my 1.4 career have paused at point where I invented OPT parts, so now I can continue )) many thanks!
  2. pr4ger

    [1.4.X] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.2 [update 7/11/2018]

    First of all - thank you for great mod, that really helps with my SSTO carreer. I have a heavy modded install of 1.3, without any aero mods (like FAR), and I have encountered an issue with mk2 decoupler. Any part that goes after decoupler has immense drag, as if it was facing upcoming air withiut any protection from previous parts. So at mach1 for example, my inline mk2 tank has about 15ish drag before decoupler, and about 60ish drag after. Does anybody encountered such a behaviour? p.s. replaced decouplers with mk2 docking ports, worse that just stacking two tanks to each other, but way better that separate them with mk2 decouplers.
  3. pr4ger

    [1.4.4] Interstellar Fuel Switch (IFS) 3.6.1

    The same issue. I have also B9 bart switch installed, which causes strange behaviour - I dont see any IFS controls until I change tank type by B9 controls. Then I can see IFS controls, but they perform the same way - cycle only through LFO/LF/O types.