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  1. Good point! So after finally beating EVE and Jool on stock components I will have easy days gliding on my sci-fi planes to the Laythe resorts and back with dozens of kerbals aboard... )))
  2. Hi, @JadeOfMaar! Just quick question - J-60D has insane (for LFO) engines ISP - 900/1200. What is the logic behind this - is it an "engine from the future" ? Or high EC consumption contributes smth to this? I am trying to decide whether I can use it in my career, which I try to play based on more or less stock point of view, and for now this engine looks OP. (thats OK, just wondering)
  3. So for engines and their mounts probably could be, for wings and structural parts - no, if I understood you correctly. One more thing to wonder - mk2 parts from B9 mod are also very low on skin temp threshold. You don't treat them as spaceplanes parts?
  4. Thanks for insights in the mechanics of the mod and temperatures. Basically, I have left 850K for all cocpits, even advanced, so it is in line with your logic. For advanced cocpits only skin temp is higher - 2950K vs 2700K of basic ones (let's say they have more advanced thermal protection). I have picked up advanced cocpits based on OPT original temperatures. I have set 1500K threshold for internal temp for some parts - engines and solid stuff like engine mounts, wings, bi- and tricouplers (being structurally strong and probably without "soft" interior). Could you please give your opinion for internal temp for such a parts? Also, i have attached new config with legacy parts included, as I have found out that there are a lot of them, like 50% of all OPT parts. SIde note to linuxgurugamer question - I also had a hard time bringing Mk1 capsule from Mun orbit to Kerbin - 100 ablator is not a guarantee. Aiming at 35km resulted into ablator burn out and explosion, aiming at 20k was successful with enourmous Gees and 2-3 points of ablator left.
  5. @Starwaster, I have gone through your OPT config and added sections for OPT parts - cocpits, wings, fuselages, engines, etc., so now it is easier to manage properties of different parts' groups and tech levels. I also have populated these sections with all the actual OPT parts, except some legacy ones. I also have set a little bit different temperature thresholds based on my understanding and original OPT values. Feel free to tweak this config and include it in any future updates. I don't know how attach files here, so I am posting the config under spoiler tag.
  6. Hi, Starwaster! Thanks for update. DRE decreases a lot of max skin temp numbers for OPT parts in my install, so half of the cockpits are useless now - with only 1350-1500 C treshold. Was it done on purpose or I have issues with my install?
  7. Hi, JadeOfMaar! Thanks for keeping this mod updated, I wouldnt consider playing KSP without it. I have one question about max temp numbers - some cockpits have 2706 C, some have far less - like 1350 C, even inside one category (2.5m cockpits for example). Do I do something wrong (I have heavily modded install) or it is done for purpose? Quickly checked parts' configs - looks like they are all have skin temperatures higher than 2700 C. Please confirm, so I will look for mods' conflicts. UPD - checked the fresh install - temps are way higher, as they are listed in part configs. I will investigate conflicting mods tomorrow and will let you know. UPD 2 - Deadly reentry does change skin temp values for OPT parts. Will go and ask in DRE tread. UPD 3 - I have updated DRE config, so now OPT parts are useful again. It could be found in DRE tread.
  8. Best news of the week and probably lost weekend - my 1.4 career have paused at point where I invented OPT parts, so now I can continue )) many thanks!
  9. First of all - thank you for great mod, that really helps with my SSTO carreer. I have a heavy modded install of 1.3, without any aero mods (like FAR), and I have encountered an issue with mk2 decoupler. Any part that goes after decoupler has immense drag, as if it was facing upcoming air withiut any protection from previous parts. So at mach1 for example, my inline mk2 tank has about 15ish drag before decoupler, and about 60ish drag after. Does anybody encountered such a behaviour? p.s. replaced decouplers with mk2 docking ports, worse that just stacking two tanks to each other, but way better that separate them with mk2 decouplers.
  10. The same issue. I have also B9 bart switch installed, which causes strange behaviour - I dont see any IFS controls until I change tank type by B9 controls. Then I can see IFS controls, but they perform the same way - cycle only through LFO/LF/O types.