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  1. Wish you were back.  Your work is insperational.

  2. Another good modder, gone....

  3. Hello :)


    any Problems here to set a Target :(  nothing works.... KSP allways says no Target if i click set target.... 

    do you have any ideas? 


    i play KSP 1.4.5


    your mods are pretty awesome




  4. Hey 

    Hope you'r ok

    long time no see your fantastic work in Ksp. Miss you. Whats about the shuttle?  Any project for now?  

    Have a nice Day 

  5. Hey Silent, 

    Are you still managing your mods and keeping them going? Miss seeing your work, would hate to see your pieces go away.

  6. Absolutely love your models - any chance you're still planning on releasing the DADV Field Science Expansion? I'm really interested in using your rover!

  7. 3QWAYeC.jpg

    I think the vintage shuttle cockpit is coming out ok... what a headache but the result always rewards you.

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    2. Syrius


      McLovin' it.

    3. Blinkboy77


      I think, if it's possible, and if you want, try to make a check-list on the front of the cockpit, to make that more fun or more realistic lol ;) 

    4. THX-1138


      Very nice work! Hopefully it works with v1.3.1.

  8. Hi

    Im just impressed and thankful  for all of your mod. Just quick question have you any RO/RSS configs ?

    1. silentvelcro


      Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately no, i haven't had the time to jump into RO/RSS.

  9. You are right @DeltaDizzy, i should add some screenshots to the OP.
  10. I am actually making a shuttle mod, not "The Shuttle" but pretty close. I almost finished the orbiter and it was the most challenging model and texture so far. You can see a photorealistic render and two in-game tests on my profile page. Just scroll down a little bit. Point by point mesh building from a few schematics, it is pretty tedious.
  11. Thank you @Abpilot! 3D modelling is a mixture of techniques and normal maps are your best friends for detailing .
  12. lraeroshuttle.jpg

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    2. silentvelcro


      Don't know yet. Hold your horses @Blinkboy77 it will take some time until i complete this and there are many more parts to be made.
      This is just a one part test to see how the meshes and textures look inside KSP.
      Glad you like it.

    3. THX-1138


      Great looking shuttle or is it the buran?

    4. silentvelcro


      It has 3 main engines in the back so it can't be the buran. On the other hand it is not the shuttle 100%.

  13. @Barar thank you for that and your kind words. I had no idea. Will correct this on the next update. Nice catch! Coming soon.... Featuring manned and unmanned rovers, scientific experiments and updated parts for the DADV ship featuring a bay with a telescopic platform for delivering the rover.
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