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  1. 3QWAYeC.jpg

    I think the vintage shuttle cockpit is coming out ok... what a headache but the result always rewards you.

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    2. Syrius


      McLovin' it.

    3. Blinkboy77


      I think, if it's possible, and if you want, try to make a check-list on the front of the cockpit, to make that more fun or more realistic lol ;) 

    4. THX-1138


      Very nice work! Hopefully it works with v1.3.1.

  2. lraeroshuttle.jpg

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    2. silentvelcro


      Don't know yet. Hold your horses @Blinkboy77 it will take some time until i complete this and there are many more parts to be made.
      This is just a one part test to see how the meshes and textures look inside KSP.
      Glad you like it.

    3. THX-1138


      Great looking shuttle or is it the buran?

    4. silentvelcro


      It has 3 main engines in the back so it can't be the buran. On the other hand it is not the shuttle 100%.

  3. All LonesomeRobots Aerospace mods have been updated. Now reflections are handled by the awesome Textures Unlimited mod by master modder @Shadowmage. Also the TU solar shader is used in all solar panels.
    There has been some bugs removed and a little cleanup on all mods. TextureReplacer is no longer used by any LRAero mods, so if you are not using it for anything else you can delete it from your GameData folder.

    Also the Duna Base Camp & HOYO CEV expansion has been released. Check it out.

  4. Check out the new LRAero release.

  5. Hello and happy holidays. Is there anyone who worked with Community Resource Pack?
    I am looking for conversions from Oxidizer to Oxygen and Liquid Fuel to Liquid Hydrogen, in order to use them for propulsion.
    Also Oxygen and LqdHydrogen engine ratios etc.
    Any help would be much appreciated.


  6. Hello. All LRAero mods have been updated to KSP 1.3.1

  7. qQ5LUo7.png

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    2. thomash


      I posted some station pics in the forum.  I hope they are not too big.  Man, that is beautiful work.  

      Are your mods 1.3.1 compatible?  I've been waiting to update until you do.  No rush just curious.

    3. silentvelcro


      I have to update 8 previous mods and 2 new i was working on to 1.3.1 and it is quite a bit of work. Will certainly update them all soon.

    4. thomash


      I thought that might be the case.  I hate when Squad makes these mod-busting updates.  :huh:

      Take care. :)

  8. LR Aero family keeps expanding. Check out the new members


  9. 10.000 downloads across all LonesomeRobots Aerospace mods.
    Hope every download provided fun, enjoyment and meaningful addition to our favorite game.
    Much love to the KSP community.

    Cheers everyone!

  10. The LRAero family is growing. Check this out



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    2. TheKSPBeginner


      I have OSX 10.9.5

    3. silentvelcro


      It should be ok from what i remember. Try and if you can't do it i will WeTransfer you a zip with all the mods included in one install in the weekend.

    4. TheKSPBeginner