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  1. 3QWAYeC.jpg

    I think the vintage shuttle cockpit is coming out ok... what a headache but the result always rewards you.

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    2. Syrius


      McLovin' it.

    3. Blinkboy77


      I think, if it's possible, and if you want, try to make a check-list on the front of the cockpit, to make that more fun or more realistic lol ;) 

    4. THX-1138


      Very nice work! Hopefully it works with v1.3.1.

  2. You are right @DeltaDizzy, i should add some screenshots to the OP.
  3. I am actually making a shuttle mod, not "The Shuttle" but pretty close. I almost finished the orbiter and it was the most challenging model and texture so far. You can see a photorealistic render and two in-game tests on my profile page. Just scroll down a little bit. Point by point mesh building from a few schematics, it is pretty tedious.
  4. Thank you @Abpilot! 3D modelling is a mixture of techniques and normal maps are your best friends for detailing .
  5. lraeroshuttle.jpg

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    2. silentvelcro


      Don't know yet. Hold your horses @Blinkboy77 it will take some time until i complete this and there are many more parts to be made.
      This is just a one part test to see how the meshes and textures look inside KSP.
      Glad you like it.

    3. THX-1138


      Great looking shuttle or is it the buran?

    4. silentvelcro


      It has 3 main engines in the back so it can't be the buran. On the other hand it is not the shuttle 100%.

  6. @Barar thank you for that and your kind words. I had no idea. Will correct this on the next update. Nice catch! Coming soon.... Featuring manned and unmanned rovers, scientific experiments and updated parts for the DADV ship featuring a bay with a telescopic platform for delivering the rover.
  7. Hello @THX-1138. The correct way is to have for example, the port on the HOYO in active mode (port extended) and the port on the Altair in passive mode (retracted). When you bring the ports close they pull each other but do not allow for a rigid dock (soft docking). That way you can correct any roll misalignments (be very careful as large rotations are not allowed) and when you have it right you switch the HOYO port to passive mode (retracted). Then you have a rigid connection between the two docking ports and no wobble. The semi transparent solar panels are indeed awesome, but all credit goes to @Shadowmage, since his mod TexturesUnlimited allows for that. I just had to figure out how the solar shader worked and made the texture. I have enabled the solar panels on all my mods to do that. Let me know how the docking went. Cheers.
  8. @THX-1138 It is too late now to change it. And it was also pretty challenging. But i think sometime in the future i will work on a variation of the Lunar Electric Rover as suggested by @Mecripp. https://www.nasa.gov/pdf/284669main_LER_FactSheet_web.pdf Make you both happy?
  9. Hello at @Jony76. Glad you like the mods and thank you for your kind words. These switches are cosmetic and actually do nothing else than light up their corespodent indicator lights, regarding life support systems i think. I saw these switches and indicators for the first time on MOARdV's awesome flightsystemsredux internal configs for the FASA Gemini.
  10. Hi @THX-1138. Glad you like it. The rover is for a single kerbal. I tried to fit 2 of these, but it didn't work out. Also i want the rover to be able to redock with the DADV inside the bay, which it does now and with 2 rovers it was impossible. I haven't tested a different rover, in theory you can, but the DADV rover i made is quite small in order to fit correctly.
  11. Hello @thomash. I think the cylidrical module you mention is the excursion vehicle for the asteroid missions. I have seen a photo of it with an astronaut strapped on the outside. I will incorporate something for the hatch functionality. I haven't played with SirGabu's MADV but saw Kottabos' video of it. I am currently trying to implement the lower bay and rover. I had to use InfernalRobotics to make it work to my liking. The bay and the rover work great. The only problem i have is docking the rover prior to ascent, but i am close.
  12. Hello @flatlineskillz. Sorry for the inconvinience. The only time i ever had a crashing issue with any of my mods, was because of RasterPropMonitor and or ASET props/avionics. I suggest you replace the ASET and JSI folders on your gamedata with the ones from one of my mods. Do not overwrite them, just delete the old ones and paste fresh folders from one of the mods.
  13. @JedTech Thank you very much for your contribution. Massive props to you my friend.
  14. @JedTech Thank you, of course i am interested. Do you want me to add it to the packs on the next update? Cheers.
  15. @THX-1138. Give it a try to see if you like it. I always use it. If you don't like it we will revisit this.
  16. Hi @thomash. I thought it wasn't needed since this is meant to have 2 HOYO CEV and or a DADV docked, so plenty of hatches, but now that you mention it i will make an airlock part or integrate it to an existing part.
  17. Mate i wrote i was just making a joke. Joking aside, i do have plans to add the rover.
  18. @Electrograch You are not missing anything. RCS Build Aid cannot handle multiple ModuleRCSFX or ModuleRCS on a single part. So it displays only the first it sees. I need to use multiple in order to balance the craft. So do not worry, all RCS work correctly, its just RCS Build Aid that cannot handle the multiple modules.
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