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  1. Two or three years ago, in science and space flight there was a discussion about which wavelength of light would be best for plants to cater on a planet orbiting a red dwarf. It got pretty scientific, I’d say this is definitely the right place!
  2. Article translated using google translate for those wondering “ Asma El Desouki Lieutenant-General Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, said that the delinquent vessel Evergiven was officially seized on Monday, denying the canal's commitment to pay any compensation to the ships affected by the crisis. The head of the channel confirmed that what was published by Al-Shorouk yesterday evening regarding the issuance of a precautionary order from the Ismailia Economic Court to seize the ship. Rabei added that the investigations into the delinquency of the Panamanian ship
  3. After some quick reading, It’s my understanding that the precursor of vitamin d in the human body is only converted to vitamin d after being exposed to UVB radiation. Does this happen in a dedicated cell or organelle? How comparable is the process photosynthesis? Obviously a human cannot sustain themselves with UVB radiation and water.
  4. “With both the EmDrive and the LemDrive, we have achieved a measurement accuracy that is below the photon pressure. That is, even if one of these concepts worked, it would be more effective simply to use a laser beam as a drive.” My understanding of that quote is that the accuracy of their measurements was greater than the photon pressure generated by the Em drive and since they detected no significant force above that, if the EM drive did actually provide thrust, it is so small a laser would provide more force. Is that correct?
  5. The EM drive has been debunked https://www.grenzwissenschaft-aktuell.de/latest-emdrive-tests-at-dresden-university-shows-impossible-engine-does-not-develop-any-thrust20210321/
  6. The Delta four has a super cool look.
  7. Personally I like windows due to the simplicity of using it and a few other points. I’m sure I’d be able to run the gauntlet of installing Linux and succeed but from what I know about it, it’s just not worth the work. Most of the games I play aren’t available on Linux and would require a virtual machine to play along with any other software I want to use that lacks Linux support.
  8. Assuming the cost is only the cost to collect the materials on the lunar surface and disregarding every other cost (getting everything to the moon, getting ore/refined material back, etc.), besides helium 3 are there any elements or compounds that are rare enough on earth to warrant the costs of such an expedition?
  9. If something is a good oxidizer, excluding costs, reactivity with everything besides a fuel, safety concerns including but not limited to spills, explosions, and exhaust products, chemical stability, and quantities available, would it make a good rocket fuel?
  10. Assuming this was used to to only get raw elements, how energy intensive would this be for a kg of non-food trash? Is it possible with today’s technology on a city-wide scale? Obviously for something like a mission to Mars it would be almost definitely worth it but here on Earth, on Earth can the energy be provided substantially?
  11. I was just thinking that the birds better get out of the way before it gets too toasty but there was no reason for my concern
  12. I have been thinking about buying into it but I am waiting for the price to settle back down.
  13. I originally planned to post this in the thread for questions that don’t merit their own thread however after typing this all up in it’s entirety I felt it was a little long. Now to the question: How many german scientists were brought to the United States under operation paperclip? I tried to find the exact number however the numbers I found vary. Wikipedia says there were more than 1,600. On one page, History.com claims that ~1,600 were brought over. On another, they say “as part of "Operation Paperclip," the United States ships 88 German scientists to America...”. The difference
  14. Take Me Home, Country Roads
  15. I was able to see the Turksat 5a launch from less than 100 miles away...I was excited to say the least
  16. Don’t worry, I’m 45 minutes late! Happy new year!
  17. Any advice for a college freshman about college and/or engineering majors in general?
  18. I have absolutely no medical training or experience so I’m only guessing here and anything I say should be taken with a huge amount of salt but Im getting the same vibe as you from what op said.
  19. I don’t have enough disposable income to buy a rocket larger than anything made by Estes. I do have a crack team of mission controls, which is nice.
  20. I was thinking about getting it because of all the hype behind it but there are just too many game breaking bugs in my opinion right now. Considering that this game came out from such a big studio there are no excuses for the number of bugs in the game. The game needed to be delayed and I will not be buying it until it’s fixed.
  21. I thought flechette rounds were bad...
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