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  1. I am having some weird issues. first thing is I cannot load in some crafts because of missing parts (I.E KK.SPX.F9LandingLeg). When in orbit trying to rendezvous with another craft, the Blue circle goes all over the place when the end of the burn is less than 1 . When using mechjeb to create maneuvers , it just wants to accelerate into earth at one billion m/s. stock parts work fine. no idea what to do. I have downloaded 1.10.1 v6.5 using space dock. edit: Still no luck figuring out the issue. but when using the other dragon crew rocket, as soon as the first stage decouples,
  2. I just saw that this now says 1.8, but the game says unsupported 1.7.3 possible update coming soon I guess?
  3. Thank You for the reply, I got it to work and now I'm excited to travel to new planets! however, I do have a question about lich, Is it suppose to be very white, spinning really fast and have boxes of what looks like the sections in the VAB and alternating white and black rings? I don't know how to post a picture on here other than Imgur, if you need a picture I can add one tomorrow Edit: Nevermind, I just read the description, cool idea but the boxes spewing out kind of ruins the idea.
  4. I am having a bit of difficulty installing this. I put everything in the gamedata folder and I don't see more planets.
  5. the issue that everyone seems to miss is that turning in ksp is completely unrealistic even with FAR. bank a plane 45 degrees and it should be turning, but still flies striaght. people think that it's normal to just pitch up but that just adds more drag.
  6. note that turning in this simulator is completely wrong. even when banked at 45 degrees, it still flies straight. when someone tells you to just pitch up, you loose lots of speed and realistically that's not how turning happens unless you are doing high bank turning. it still suprises me that ksp hasn't fixed this issue.
  7. Is there a mod out there that actually knows aerodynamics? Stock aero doesn't help either. when I rotate a plane left or right, it should turn. Its dumb that I have to pitch up and lose tons of speed just to turn.
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