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  1. Robert McDonnel

    Malfunctioning VAB Design Storage

    Does not save any rocket designs in the Vertical Assembly Building . VAB screen shot see no designs. Launch Pad screen shots see designs.
  2. The VAB facility will not store any rocket designs it moves them to the launch pad. How do I fix this? All stock resolutions or FAQ's do not work or no longer exist so only respond with real solutions instead of frustrating site hunts.
  3. My copy of KSP has decided that it will not store any rocket designs in the Vertical Assembly Building. Was this an intended change through an update or is something wrong my copy. Another thing before this the program started blowing up rockets on launch. How do you fix this?
  4. Okay how do you roll back the version?
  5. Still no access to mods or addons through the game or forum. Is the curse site shut down. I have also tried to go to the curse site through the internet search engine same result. This page cannot be displayed. I am using version
  6. Robert McDonnel

    No Access to Mods or Addons

    It is not space dock it is the in game link on first screen. That goes to the curse site. Tried to go the site through the internet no joy. I also tried space dock it did not work either. Took your advice and tried clearing the cache still no joy. Also tried link at the top of the forum still no joy.
  7. Robert McDonnel

    No Access to Mods or Addons

    The last three days every time I select Mods or add on. I keep getting page can not be displayed. This includes try it through internet search engines directly. Has the site been shut down?