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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll have a look at them. Though I am currently waiting for the SpaceEngine update, which makes galaxies and nebulas look much more awesome, which is hopefully coming out in as early as next week to as late as 2 months. So excuse me, if I'm not as active as usual.
  2. The skybox doesn't change the light emitted from the Sun, you'd have to ask someone other as I don't know how to mod those
  3. The arbitration clause is not binding in Germany, both parties have to sign a separate document in this case.
  4. I updated them to include the converted files. Thank you, @therealcrow999!
  5. I believe it wasn't available at the time Good idea. I'll do that once I have time
  6. I knew this question would come first so I'm prepared: It is the Astronomers Visual Pack (with 8k textures) and all of it's dependencies except for KS3P and Kopernicus Expansions. In some pictures I think I also forgot to turn off my Reshade preset (FXAA, MXAO, Clarity and SMAA) but I'm not sure
  7. I made some skyboxes! For those who are interested: Click Here
  8. About: I wanted to create a skybox for another eye-candy oriented game: I had fun creating one with Space Engine, so I decided to make a few more. This is the result. You need Texture Replacer! DOWNLOADS: NGC 3115 Central Black Hole Album with more images You very rarely see black holes in skyboxes. I decided to give this massive one a shot. This is a real place in the universe: In this skybox, you orbit a star near the Central Black Hole of the galaxy NGC 3115. You can visit it in Space Engine by press
  9. Just a little question, how to use the Career Saver patch?
  10. Starting deployment of math weapons... 69% done... 100% done... Deploying math weapon... ,--^----------,--------,-----,-------^--, sum_(i=1)^n i^3=((n(n+1))/2)^2 | ||||||||| `--------' | O sum_(i=1)^n i^3=((n(n+1))/2)^2 `+---------------------------^----------| sum_(i=1)^n i^3=((n(n+1))/2)^2 `\_,-------, _________________________| sum_(i=1)^n i^3=(
  11. Maybe if you right-click the Kerbal there should be smth...
  12. I have a slight suspicion that he may be using this... EDIT: Old LSM down, but new revived version!!!
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