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  1. So you propose a more brute force aproach? I tryed with Nuklear emgins and srbs to get rid of a lot of speed. I don't have a plan if this is a good aproach?
  2. Just try it! I usualy equipe my Interplanetary schips with Near future reactors and engines What makes this alsow a chalenge for me. Also be advised that landing on Tylo is very hard because you have the same orbital speed as Kerbin but no atmospere to slow you down so you have to get rid of that speed manualy wich is not fun i spennt 5 houres yesterday to build the lander. Hope you succed
  3. I do not plan an ssto but i mean leaving empty tanks and stuff also I am also playing this since i think the third alpha (I was abot the age of 11) I am also trying to do this to say that i have acomplisched something
  4. Some Questions: 1. Can I leave fule tanks on the way 2. Can I leave landers and Stuff at Jool 3. Can you leave the motherschip at a planet and opperate from there?
  5. Built the shabiest Atlas ever and put a capsul on top
  6. So it is not realy a pod. But it always served to me as a escape system. I forgot crew and Motherschip dosent have a crew Module yet Sry forgot screnschot of departure Burning fule and leveling out (to early) Lost engine to impackt! So conclusion: Everything hapend! Another day finished like a Kerbal
  7. I thougt to myself Wings just make truble so i foldet them up Skip Reentry Mission succes! I am working on a version with a cargobay So here it is
  8. I am new. It looks like you are using mods. Are all mods alowed?