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  1. Aha, there it is! Little green footprints. XD Thanks guys!
  2. I've gotten my rover as close as I could to the point on the map, but I don't know how to exactly aim for the area I need to be. I've been moving a bit NSWE and taking EVA reports but nothing seems to activate the contract. Am I doing something wrong? When I click on the marker on the map I get an option to "Start Navigation" but it doesn't seem to do anything! At the very least I feel there should be a visible marker in the world, like for my other crafts and flags and such.
  3. How do I store it as an assembly? I didn't know that was a thing!
  4. Considering I just walked Valentina up a mountain using time warp and "crashed" her into the ground 4 times on the way up, I'd say the stable physics engine will be the biggest! XD
  5. I know to hold Alt+Left Click to copy a piece or group of pieces, but when I open another craft, the copied piece(s) disappear. Is there a way to copy something from one craft to another? For example, I built a new lunar lander and want to copy the rockets and booster system from an older one I made.
  6. Ok, I ended up sending up a second rescue ship with passenger space, returned the two rescue ships home, and terminated the stranded craft from the Tracker. *shrug* Hopefully I'll figure out the fuel thing sometime!
  7. Ah, I do have a few mods installed: Environmental Visual Enhancements, Kerbal Engineer, Module Manager (which just has a module that lets you mine xenon). Also, the fact that I have the grabbing tool proves my R&D is at least level 2. X3
  8. Same thing with the monopropellant; there's just no transfer menu that I can find. And I suppose it's possible to deorbit them both together, but the thrust vector would have a lot of torque and may waste all the fuel before deorbiting. (The orbit is close to the Mun's orbit, so it'll take a lot of delta-v to get home.
  9. I have the default "Normal" difficulty settings I do not have that option checked.
  10. Ok, so I managed to rendezvous with a craft that had run out of fuel, and I planned to transfer enough fuel to it to deorbit (connected with a grabber claw), but I can't figure out how to transfer the fuel! I know I've done this before by holding Alt and right-clicking both tanks, but this doesn't seem to work now. Yes, I have upgraded my R&D to Level 2.
  11. Before doing all that, I set a system restore point with Timeshift. So, no harm done at least.
  12. I am glad to hear you were amused. ^^ And thanks~
  13. After much jibbery-pokery, I can tell you after installing the Intel Update program and rebooting, the flickering is now worse. ><
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