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  1. Before doing all that, I set a system restore point with Timeshift. So, no harm done at least.
  2. I am glad to hear you were amused. ^^ And thanks~
  3. After much jibbery-pokery, I can tell you after installing the Intel Update program and rebooting, the flickering is now worse. ><
  4. Linux Mint 18.3 on a Dell Inspiron 5559. Glxinfo here: https://pastebin.com/7DkwAqMt So far I haven't been able to find any drivers that support my system.
  5. It started out as a simple rescue of some n00b who got stuck in orbit around the Mün. However, as I approached the stranded vessel, I was watching my navball too closely and crashed into it, destroying two of my 5 ion engines. Then, the thing was tumbling so badly, I burned up all of my monopropellant just trying to dock with it. Somehow I managed to dock anyway just using my 3 remaining engines. After transferring the pilot over to my craft, I released the empty pod and accelerated to leave the Mün's SOI. Somehow, I managed to crash into it again and destroy one of my solar arrays. I must have given my reaction wheels one heck of a workout flying back home with such uneven thrust, but I made it! I managed to fulfill 2 contracts with this mission, and set 5 world-firsts. All things considered, a massive success! =D
  6. I'm having problems with flickering graphics in several programs, including KSP. I fixed Google Chrome by disabling hardware acceleration, and I fixed my screensaver by switching the rendering engine from OpenGL to DirectColor (which I've never heard of before). However, looking at the limited graphics settings in KSP, I don't see anything that would accomplish similar functionality. Perhaps there's a command I can add to Steam to do this?
  7. Ah, now that appears to be exactly what I was looking for! =D
  8. I'm planning to make an orbital refueling station, and I think it would be cool for it to have the ability to passively produce fuel from solar panels and/or radioisotope generators. Of course it would produce fuel very slowly, but it would cut down on how often I'd have to refuel it from the surface.
  9. I have successfully rendezvoused a stranded craft with a rescue craft, with the intent of transferring fuel to the stranded craft so it can de-orbit. The stranded craft does not have any docking ports, so I equipped the rescue craft with two advanced grabbing units. According to the wiki page, all I need to do it touch the claw to the other ship to dock it (after arming it of course), but I've bumped them together several times and nothing has happened. Is there something else I need to do?
  10. Ah, I figured it was something like that! That makes sense.
  11. This is my rover I built for collecting science from around the complex. It works great, except that pressing A makes it go right, and D makes it go left. What might be causing this? I've tried removing and re-placing the wheel scaffolding on opposite sides, but it's the same.