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  1. so if i select the left side docking port as the control point, the pitch control works as expected but the roll controls are flipped. The nav ball is flipped as shown. (roll on side port) W If is switch to IVA, now the nav ball is correct. BUT THE PITCH AND ROLL CONTROLS ARE SWAPPED AGAIN!!!!!! What am I missing???
  2. No, there's no prob core buried and yes the cockpit is the root part. I work around the swap by placing docking ports on the side and use "control from here" on one of them. That gets the pitch back onto the WS keys and the roll back onto the QE keys. But , one of the pair are backwards depending on which side port is chosen. That's what make the nav ball display as it does. It's showing a roll on a docking port mounted to the side. I just noticed the nav ball in the cockpit. It happens to be displaying correctly.
  3. thanks bewing. I think I got it. i can see the pics, can you? Any suggestions on the pitch / roll swap?
  4. So thanks to the new props and rotors in 1.7.3 I'm have a lot more success with controlling my quad copter. It sips power (actually charges while hovering), is pretty stable, got it up over 50 m/s ground speed and I can kinda almost control it. The main problem I'm have is pitch and roll controls are swapped. Pitch control cause a roll, and roll control causes pitching which makes it extremely hard to fly. I've tried everything I can think of to reverse the swap. Changed orientation of the cockpit, changed direction of the rotors and props, reaction wheel vertical, reaction wheels horizontal. I don't believe it has anything to do with the wheels as you can see the incorrect authority spikes in the aerodynamic overlay when the controls are pressed. Any help in straightening this out will be greatly appreciated. Got a lot of plans for this rig and I'm stuck.
  5. Is there a keyboard combination or keyboard mouse combination that will allow direct entry or fine adjustment of the PAW slider values in the VAB/SPH? I can't seem to get my servos set back to 0.0. I know you can do it in the controller but I will be using the Axis group.
  6. Thanks @Galileo that last post saved me a couple hours of researching my black sky (although it does look kinda cool for a minute).
  7. Well there it is, probably not holding the key down. I'll give that a try. Probably got the RCS blocks attached by dumb luck. Thanks for the quick response. I wasn't sure how the log worked but I just started KSP and linked the only KSP log in the directory. So no wonder no trace of using KIS as I hadn't used it in this session. Thanks for your patience.
  8. I'm probably simply doing something (stupidly) wrong but I read the various wiki's, browsed the forums and haven't come across the answer I am looking for. I am trying to attach a radial attachment point to a pressurized crew tube while in orbit. I get the Kerbal and part container withing the required distance. I have the electric screwdriver equipped. The crew tub turns green when I drag the part to it. The part turns green when I click and appears ready to attach. Pressing X or H doesn't appear to do anything so I simply click and the part appears to be properly attached. However, after a couple minutes, the part drifts off the tube and away. I tested the parts in the VAB and on the launch pad and they appear compatible with each other. I successfully attached a couple RCS thruster blocks in orbit previously so what is this noob (to your mod) doing wrong with these parts? Thanks KSP 1.6.1 MM 4.02 Google Drive: KSP.log
  9. Wow @sal_vager that's a lot for a newbie to wrap his head around. But I'm sure playing long enough eventually the light bulb will light and I will understand. I appreciate your efforts.
  10. @sal_vager not sure exactly what you needed so I zipped and boxed the entire save folder and posted it here: One of the saves is "Kracken Attack". I re-docked my mining rig and after about 5 to 10 seconds, the attack began at which point I made the save. I hope this information helps resolve the issue as its really starting to detract from my game play experience. If it's a natural phenomenon that can be expected irl then "so be it" but some words to that effect and how to deal with it would be greatly appreciated. If it's a bug then I suggest doubling down on the efforts to eliminate it because, as I previously mentioned, it's a huge detraction from what I believe the game play experience is intended to be. Also, some detailed text on the intent and use of the "autostrut" and "ridged attachment" features would be greatly appreciated. While it may seem obvious to the seasoned users, it is not to this user and probably other newer users as well. Unless I missed it, searching on this forum and google doesn't really reveal much info on the features. Thank you for your help and efforts.
  11. Will do this evening Sal. How would I go about sharing the saves. Also, I don't know if it matters but I'm using MechJeb. However, I had a few visits from the Kracken prior to loading MJ.
  12. I'm having the same problem as well. The Kracken is krack-a-lackin the fun right out of building the station. If I catch it fast enough and warp, I only end up loosing a few parts. If I don't catch it in time the station is complete loss. Is this violent sudden shaking a concern irl? Are there any definitive words on how to properly use the autostrut feature posted anywhere so we can try to prevent this from happening?