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  1. Sorry for the time of updates, but i'm back! Since it is summer, this is the most opportunistic time to start working on this mod. Expect more updates! I will try to get weekly updates starting on June 10th, every Saturday unless otherwise noted.
  2. Hello, my Planet seems to not be behaving properly. The sunlight is not correctly lined up with the Planet. I saw the same issue earlier in the thread, however after changing the DDS Compression to DXT_5 it still did not correct the issue. Any Ideas? EDIT: Sorry for the earlier post, it seems that it posted before I finished!
  3. Hello! Think we can get @The White Guardian ?
  4. Also, where do I define the Transition limiters? Is it the time warp values?
  5. I enjoy the Eve Flag. Also, I suggest using Paint.net or GIMP, as it gives you more tools. The fact you made this in paint is amazing. I can barely draw a straight line in paint.
  6. Alright, here it is. Sorry, I didn't know. I will make sure in the future I will use that thread.
  7. Hello, I have recently have been having problems with PQS messing with my Moon. Maybe there is some problem, or more likely, Human error. I have been trying to research this problem for a few months now, and can't seem to find the problem. Here is what's wrong: 100k- Fine, nothing visually wrong. (Pictures Shown in Spoilers) ~95k- Disappears no matter what, and usually stays like this until it goes above this altitude. 75k -Faint Outline can be seen of Planet. ~70k -Only happened once, it seems the Color Map has disappeared and the Height map stays.
  8. Well, the 20 Moon part is only the core part of the mod. It will get more exciting later on when it's actually released. Also, for now, I am simulating the fact that since the Joolian system doesn't work very well in n-body physics, I am repositioning Bop and Pol in a highly inclined orbit to simulate where they would be realistically. And Don't worry, the Kraken will forever be safe.
  9. For now, i'm just going to move the bodies into a realistic ejection orbit. Later on, I could probably extend my knowledge into more advanced stuff to actually have bodies change their orbital positions over time.
  10. After thinking upon this, I'm going to implement this. I think it will be fun to have custom Sciencedefs referring to Jool. Such as a EVA: "As you exit your Spacecraft, you think that you have done this before...But Jool was nearby last time..." (This was funnier in my head )
  11. @Errol I was going to add rings to Jool, but not biomes. I don't want to add biomes to Jool due to Compatibility issues with JoolBiomes Mod. I will add it under a Suggested Mod however in the release thread. Thank you however for the suggestion!
  12. It does seem too of a big task for me right now, as I do not have the knowledge to do something similar of doing this. However, I could possibly stabilize the system by repositioning the moons, and/or increase Jools mass to at least simulate N-Body Simulations.
  13. Jool will stay the same. However, I might adjust the mass to compensate with realistic physics. Alright. I will take a look into that. I'll probably add N-Body Physics later on, as right now I am concentrating on the creation of the moons. At this moment, though, I will add N-Body Physics.
  14. Thank you for your feedback! Maybe I could reposition each moon to make the Joolian System stable in N-body simulations(As a personal project). I will do some research into it.
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