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  1. Do they plan to include VR support for KSP2? The new engine looks great.
  2. capi3101, lordcirth thanks fo yur answers. I'm afraid i didn't balance my plane before reentry and i had the center of gravity too close to my tail after burning more than 90% of my fuel. I lost control after i exceed the critical angle of attack having about 2000 m/s at 40 km or lower. I built two similar aircrafts. With one i was close but finally i burnt during reentry. It was nice. With second i exceeded AoA of ~15 -20deg in similar conditions and my plane desintegrated due to G-forces and aero pressure as i think it shoud. I was pleased Really. I'll test some other aircrafts. I stand by what I said, this mod, just an idea of this mod is just fantastic. It's easy to modify some aspects of flights in a vacuum, additional parts, life support etc. but this mod is something. Fluid mechanics in the atmosphere is the weakest part of stock KSP . cheers
  3. I know Deadly Reentry but as you sad, i was thinking about aero forces, not temperature. cheers
  4. Hallo all. First - great work! This is potentially single best mod to KSP. I tested the mod yesterday and I have a question about reentring. I have built some typical space plane and deorbit. I have lost stability about 40 km over the surface of Kerbin (lack of RCS) and started to spin uncontrolaby, but aerodynamic forces did not destroy my plane. I just decelerated spining around and i regained control low in a dense atmosphere. Why aerodynamic forces did not tear my plane to shreds? What should i modify to gain some challenge during reentry? I have reentry heating on 100% and G-forces on parts and everything on. It it because of Kerbin atmosphere instead of Earth? cheers