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  1. Well i understand that but its just with probes, on low tech you do not have enough sizes to get enough DeltaV given a level 2 vab and a low budget. So you will have to stick to downscaling in order to get more DeltaV out of your fuel. Thats why i need TweakScale else i get stuck on some missions ect.
  2. Hi there, Ive installed RO with RSS to make RRS more playable. The only thing that dissapoints me is every time i try to install RO it breaks tweakscale for almoast every part. I have seen RO tends to disable tweakscale for parts, is there a way to enable it again? PS: I am using RO 11.5.0 and TweakScale 2.3.3 Thanks in advance!
  3. Well it meight have low trust. But with stuck i mean stuck. When you put the craft midair and release the lauchclamps. The craft stays mid air. Even when you turn off the engine.
  4. Hi, I have a problem when downscaling engines. When i downscale some engines to 0.625 m or 0.300m the rockets get kind of stuck on the launchpad. When i release the launchclamps the rocket is able to rotate in any direction arround its center of mass. but it cant move. Modlist:
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