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  1. Matt Lowne's SSTO Emporium

    Artemis, An brother of the old Duna colossus. Right?
  2. [SPOILERS] Monolith on Gilly?

    This is amazing. The sattelite found any "?" signs so that is the result that I'll need an rover for explore there! But that is very lazy...
  3. [SPOILERS] Monolith on Gilly?

    I've think that (secretly) SQUAD put an monolith on Gilly. I'll check it out on an spy sattelite!
  4. KSP Weekly: We’re back!

    Well... More than 100 days and now Kerbals will celebrate
  5. Hello creator of another solar system!

  6. Happy new epic 2017!

  7. If this was in stock I'll rate KSP infinite stars and if this mod will be on KSP 1.2 I'll love this mod!
  8. The pioneer challenge!

    I've think I've pass the limits of the history
  9. The pioneer challenge!

    Well I've know "legend" is impossible but I've think that mark thrimm or Matt lowne would complete it. If Matt lowne completed the Jool five challenge and Mark an SSTO with an payload of 50 tons to Dres. I've think that is difficult but is possible, kinda.
  10. The pioneer challenge!

    The pioneer challenge! By SpaceAstronautX Daily challenge! Rules for hard mode: 1: Stock parts and Kerbal engineer redux allowed also kerbal alarm clock. 2: No HyperEdit 3: Max weight is 200 tons. Now the challenge consists on fly an vessel from Kerbin and do an fly by on Moho, Eve, Duna... So pass all the planets. Difficulty: 1 Easy: Hyperedit allowed, infinite fuel enabled just all the planets. 2 Not so easy: Hyperedit just used for misc tools. All planets fly-by. 3 A bit hard: Kerbal engineer and Kerbal alarm clock enabled. No Hyperedit and also some moons fly-by 4 Hard: Kerbal engineer, Kerbal alarm clock. All moons and planets 5 Very hard: No Kerbal alarm clock. All moons and planets sometimes again an flyby in there. 6 LEGEND!: No mods, triple flyby on all moons and planets and fifty year for complete this difficulty level If you complete an difficulty level just put Example: I've complete this challenge in difficulty level 5! Well in my opinion this challenge I've invented is very difficult. I've completed the challenge in level 2 and I've land on Kerbin almost 150 years after lift-off! And so that's the challenge. Merry christmas!
  11. Mods in Stock

    I'll put KW Rocketry in stock, chatterer, kerbal engineer and also Kerbol star system.
  12. I went to Eeloo and back using only 2 fuel tanks

    I think that go to Jool and back with just one kerbal (i've do that) was cool but go to eeloo in two tanks is %99.9 impossible. IS INCREDIBLE!
  13. New planet

    It would be great to add rings to Jool and make another gas giant...
  14. Error on LV-T45 engine

    For next time I'll should do an copy and then edit the copy...
  15. Error on LV-T45 engine

    Thanks. Now the engine works well! I've copy the CFG from the Wiki! And now works perfect.