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  1. Hello! After spending ages on perfecting my LongSword S.S.T.O, I developed a fantastic variant. This is the LongSword Mark 12 Variant, the best iteration ever produced! Changes from Previous Released Version: 2 New Wing Mounted Air Breathing Engines. 2 New Wing Mounted Fuel Tanks for New Engines. 2 New Wing Mounted Air Intakes. 1 Experimental J Cargo Bay Added. Wing Size Increased from 160% to 200%. New Gear Positioning and Break Torques. New 2 Hidden Fuel Tanks between RAPIERS. Repositioned Vertical Stabilizers. Take-Off Speed brough
  2. I have a question. How do you improve take off speed or lift to get 80 m/s take off? I screwed something up in my mark 8 version that made my take off speed go to 150 m/s. (No weight was added, wheel height remains the same).
  3. I honestly can't edit in the new IP Board. Thats why i transfered everything into one topic. (Spoilers are a giant pain in the neck).
  4. Greetings! This is a showcase of all the various aircraft designs that Genesis Industries has come up with. Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile [ZEUS]: A converted MinuteMan III (MMIII) missile that has been retrofitted with a single 25 MT warhead as opposed to 8 of 350 KT warheads. The single warhead re-enters at 2200 m/s and impacts at near 1700 m/s without the aero brakes being engaged. Should the optional brakes be engaged, the warhead will slow down tremendously, use with caution. Inter-Planetary Ballistic Missile [MM-III]: A converted Minmus Rocket ca
  5. Greetings! This is a showcase of all the various aircraft designs that Genesis Industries has come up with. Inter-Planetary Ballistic Missile [MM-III]: A converted Minmus Rocket carrying 8 Nuclear warheads to targets not exceeding Duna. (Unless Scott Manley). Designed with automatic guidance for warheads. Simply assign one a GPS and fire, and continue doing so or all at once on one target. Warheads will only strike their assigned targets if the descent trajectory is within 5km of the target. (Blast radius about 8
  6. Max speed 1100 m/s before leaving atmosphere (70km) No aerodynamic forces act on it except when in solid boost stage. (first 20 seconds).
  7. Ill put a link up on DropBox by tommorow: You'll need a few mods though. Whole list of requirements is here: It should work in all 1.0.x versions: As long as you have the corresponding mod version.
  8. Orion is a sham. I don't think the Japanese people colonized the moon after hiroshima. I mean it is possible to propel a spacecraft with nuclear explosions, but it's rather insufficient. I believe that if a very large spacecraft like those seen in Science-Fiction movies with Submarine like architecture we'd be better off. A submarine uses a 10 KG uranium pellet to do so many functions that allow naval officers to live under sea for many months. Sea Water --> Reactor --> Steam --> Turbine --> electricity/propulsion --> drinkable water/Breathable Ox
  9. I've got one too! It's a replica of the Minuteman III but I call it "Thor" cause of it being a I.P.B.M rather than I.C.B.M. Basically just took my old Apollo series rocket and traded out the lunar/command modules for additional boosters/warheads. Original version carries 6 warheads, 370Kt each. New improved version carries 8 warheads, 370Kt Each. Current features: Conventionally self destruct. Decoy Chaff and Flare Pods. Disarmed Warhead Ejection. Simultaneous Warhead Arming. Ability to jettis
  10. I revised the original version to create a more efficient system with the SmartParts mod. After getting an approximate timing for when the 1st stage is dead, the activator auto stages it. Thus allowing me to launch the missile without manually altering it's course until the second stage. So basically I can now sit hands free and watch it ascend for 3-4 minutes before doing anything.
  11. Designing a SSTO isn't as quick a process as designing a rocket for instance. However there are a few concepts to keep in mind when attempting to build one. 1. You will fail a bunch of times in different aspects of flight, orbit, landing, take-off etc, but keep trying! 2. Every failure is success if you are able to find the causes of error and patch them up in the hangar. 3. Compromise is essential, you need to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality or find a gray area between the two. Personally I favor aesthetics over efficiency, but I've managed to produce so
  12. Title "Beach" On A Carrier, but the in text description states: "Beech B-18" On A Carrier. Clever Title or unexpected spelling error Love the carrier though, I need something 5x that size for myself
  13. Greetings! It is no secret that Duna's technology is far superior to that of Kerbin. Kerbin posses great booster technology but lacked the weapons to deploy on the rockets. A scientist finally unlocked the power of the atom after reverse engineering a LV class Nuke Engine. Once the nuclear warhead design was perfected, Kerbal Space Center mounted six of them on a rocket. The rocket is able to travel from Kerbin to Duna and all other celestial bodies in between to carry out a strike. The 340Kt warhead is able to destroy large amounts of territory and irradiate it f
  14. I still can't download from SpaceDock. The files get corrupted around 20 MB/33.5MB, Tested it with 4 different internet connections and two different VPNs.
  15. Lmao Butt. Isn't there a cargo rampart tail for that line of OPT parts?
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