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  1. Have you installed Research Bodies? If I remember correctly, the default initial visibility for planets is Mun, Minmus and Jool.
  2. I think it should be German Space Agency https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Aerospace_Center and they messed their twitter handle :-)
  3. This is actually from Kopernicus as a warning (alongside the other messages seen in the screenshot) about incompatible version.
  4. I'm using TRR in 1.4.3 without any problems. You just need to install fixed shader for reflections, that is linked in OP in TRR thread.
  5. IFAIK the cause of the problem is, that the :FOR[RemoteTech]statement marks the patch as a internal part of RemoteTech mod and, as a side effect, MM will assume that RemoteTech mod is present. So all other patches with condition :NEEDS[RemoteTech]will now be applied. This may lead to some unintended behavior.
  6. Simple logistics does something like that
  7. I was able to restore stock ground station in my career by changing the setting and than reinstalling KK. Hope that helps.
  8. Look at TRR_Guide for an example of new config and folder structure. The main thing is, that male and female heads are now in separate sub-folders. I was able to update Diverse Kerbal Heads for my game this way.
  9. Kerbal Planetary Base Systems has K&K as manufacturer for its parts.
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