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  1. Is it possible to turn off warnings from a specific craft.
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n3nd9uuv0mhxdx9/AACiIcO1LI4ZH6wKkxLn-nIDa?dl=0 Log and screenshots. The screenshots are upside down and backwards, which is a new error that occurs only in KSP, even with that you can see few props are present. I also added a screen shot of a cockpit from airplane + to make sure it wasn't specific to the warbird MK1 inline. The exterior shot demonstrates that the flag on the plane is not showing up. The props in the MK1 command module appear and work fine.
  3. First thank you for the amazing IVA work. I've just returned to KSP after a couple of years work. Being a masochist I love aviation. I've dl'd your IVA's and there are blank spots in the areas for screens. I'm running 1.5. I believe I'd dl'd the dependencies both rpm, aset's stuff (revised by Moaardv) and the new one by moardv. (apologies I'm flying to the opposite side of Kerbin right now and can't remember the dependency names). On space dock it did say 1.5. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks again for the amazing work.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I've done all of those things having attempted this contract about 10 times. The closest I got was dropping both buoys only to realize the drop zone never went green and one instance where the first buoy registered the second didn't and reloading the save repositioned my nav ball because of an airplane plus bug and I was barely able to actually ditch the plane and save the lives of the Kerbals. I guess I'll just abandon it as I have no idea what to do at this point.
  5. Ok I tried your flight plan with my plane and buoys. I have successfully deployed these buoys in previous efforts and they float, transmit, decouple etc. I continued the flight past the second screen shot. I'm ~2300 out I think. I flew right over it at a slightly lower altitude. As you can see I'm descending slightly on my approach. Still no joy. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=859664055 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=859664215
  6. Oh crap, an engineer in addition to the named kerbal engineer required by the mission? [edit]Flew with engineer, assigned kerbal ens. roe and pilot. Two barometers. One each on buoy. Three flyovers at altitudes between 350 and 180 meters. Still no joy. Screenie later steam cloud is offline or something.
  7. Looked in the CCK icon folder and there was no rover. Just downloaded a newer version. All fixed. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of CCK
  8. Still cannot get the 'navigate to Buoy drop zone' to go green. I've flown over it three times at differing altitudes with no joy.
  9. Apologize for this basic question, but I cannot see the Akita parts in the SPH. I see the konstruction parts fine under their specific tab. Have I put it somewhere dumb? Also there is no rover tab in the SPH.
  10. Ok I found the problem. The passenger for the flight is spawning at the destination rather than KSC.http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198050235870/screenshots/ Edit: Wow user error on my part. Did not read contract... pick up was at that airport. The kerbal was in the control tower.
  11. Thanks for looking. Your screenshot gave me a laugh.
  12. Having a strange issue where if I revert to launch or load a quicksave the nav ball flops from horizon line to the polar top view. A work around is to add a docking port that I can switch command to, but most of your wonderful cockpits don't have an appropriate place to put it. I hid one in the MK1 door you made, but it's very awkward. Any one else have this issue? It does not happen with Aviation Cockpits or the stock cockpits. Thanks for any help
  13. The mod isn't working for me. Have landed at the waypoint. It says the passenger is on board, but won't recognize being at the waypoint and not sure how to disembark any passengers as the kerbal for the mission is listed as on board by CC but not physically there . http://imgur.com/jzJUhGz
  14. I'm using decouplers and I circle to stay in range of the b.. b.. buoy, to deploy its chutes and make sure it's all 4x4. I'll try and wait until it splashes down. It's a bit of a nail biter flying with one buoy attached to one wing.
  15. This request is probably below your ability, but I would love an equilateral triangle, trapezoid and a squared parallelogram.
  16. Love these contracts, but am having problems with the buoys contract. It doesn't seem to recognize when I've reached the waypoint. I've even dropped the buoys and the are sitting right on the waypoints. Is there a height requirement? I've tried flying over the waypoint under 300m and over 300. I'm assuming the 5km zone requirement is the area in which the buoy has to land. And boy, you've no idea how hard it just was to spell buoy correctly five times. Thanks for any help.
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